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Day 121 – Retrospect – Short Story

Steve stares at Jason for some time, before he finally says something that could be understood as words.

“So let me get this straight, just so I know what you’re saying I understand, you’re a cybernetic android that was sent back in time from the year twenty forty-nine with the task of protecting me from an impending attack that would happen sometime in the past, or my future, am I with you so far?”

“Yes, yes, we have already agreed upon that part, several times in fact,” Jason says.

“Okay, don’t blow a fuse, literally,” Steve says with a giggle. “Now this thing sent back to kill me from the future, you don’t know when it will attack, you just took a guess and came back as early as you could in the hope you had enough time to stop this, whatever it is, from killing me?”

“That’s correct, without the proper equipment we could not pin point the exact time that the line diverted from the original time line, all we could confirm was that you had been killed and so I was sent back, to ensure your survival.”

“Right, so, I’m a pretty big deal to the whole future and shit? Like John Conner from Terminator? I mean your no Arnold, but you are anatomically correct, I’ll give you that, and you can use it all, but, do you have cool lines, like ‘I’ll be back!’?”

“Your importance to the future, is, in my opinion, is not that sort of importance, you are important, but not to the survival of the world or anything.”

“What? You mean I’m not the saviour of the human race, I’m not John Connor?”

“No, in fact, you’re quite annoying, to the point that Ronald jumped into the time stream just to remove you from the picture.”

“What? What the hell, who’s Ronald, before you said it was some unknown assassin, now you’re calling him by a name?”

“Yes, I may have lied to you a little, you see, the truth is you’re not that important, but Benny thinks you are, to him anyway, that’s why he sent me back, to stop Ronald from killing you in the past, before you two meet.”

“Okay, so who the hell is Benny?”

“Benny is who you refer to as, John Connor, he’s the leader of the human resistance, a great man, a visionary, without him the human race would be extinct by now, and he’s the reason I’m here, saving your arse.”

“I must be important if this great leader of the human resistance seems to think so.”

“Yours his lover Steve, some trashy, obnoxious piece of trailer trash he took a fancy to and apparently can’t live without, that’s why he sent me back to stop Ronald from killing you, but unfortunately he made one mistake when he sent me.”

“What was that?” Steve says nervously.

“He didn’t realise that we were lovers as well,” Jason’s says as he grabs Steve by the bare arse cheek and squeezes it.

“I thought you were going to say you wanted me dead as well,” he says with a sigh of relief.

Jason laughs, “I said were,” he says with a wicked smile.

“Oh fuck, did we have a messy break up?”

“Not as messy as it’s going to get from here,” Jason says as he pushes Steve off the bed and onto the floor.

“What are you going to do?”

“Well, right now, I think it’s time to take out the trash once and for all.”



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