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Day 157 – Truth Be Told – Short Story

“Don’t be a fool Mia, it’s not too late to stop all this from happening,” he yells to her, but she stares off, into the sky, lost to him, he looks over at the demented beast, as he feels it smiling, enjoying its victory, and grits his teeth in defiance. “This is your fault, you did this to her, why? Because you couldn’t have me?”

“This is not all about you Sebastian, this is about domination, the destruction of your species,  this is about me taking my rightful place on top of the food chain. So, calm yourself, there is no need…” Sebastian doesn’t allow it to finish as he drives a powerful right punch into its jaw, it stands there for a moment, both do, frozen in the moment. “Do you really want this to be how it all ends?”

“Let her go, I won’t ask again!”

“No, she chose to stand on this side, releasing her now will do little, as she has ascended,” it says, gesturing towards her, Sebastian casts a quick glance over to her, she sits, crouched on the ground, her skin, dark, muddy green, her face, her once beautiful face, now twisted, grotesque, she lets out a scream, a shrill, a warning, that, death is coming for mankind. He turns back to it, as it continues to smile.


“You already know the answer Sebastian, you brought me here, you trapped me with your words, you, are the one this world will blame for bringing on the end of days. So please, treat me with more respect, for I am not as simple as you seem to think I am.”

“I tried to stop you, I tri….” It grabs him by the face and lifts him into the air, he desperately tries to pull himself free of its grasp, punching, tearing, biting, whatever, however, but, all his attempts fail.

“You tried nothing worm, all you did was grant me form, allowed my hunger to grow unchecked, thus dooming you’re entire species. But, you never tried to stop me, you never truly attempted the only thing, the one thing that would’ve ended my terror. So don’t try and be above me, when we both know the truth,” it says as it tosses him to the side, laughing to itself, as it look out, across the ravine and into the small town. Smoke drifts up from various points of the city, fires burn out of control.

He pulls himself to his knees and rubs his face, spitting a wad of blood to the ground. “This is not what I wanted, this isn’t how it was supposed to be.”

“Of course it was, this was always the way,” it says as it turns back to him. “You’re just too afraid to admit this is what you really wanted, what your heart really yearned, the destruction, the death, the blood.”

“I-I-I, I never wanted thi…”

“Don’t lie, it’s a waste of time now, let the truth be told, allow yourself to accept who you truly are, and take your place, on the throne of skulls I will build for you.”



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