Horrorween Day 2 – Skinner – 50 Word Story Expanded

“You’ve got to get up Cassie, you have to! He’s coming, please Cassie, please!” she screams as she tries to get Cassie to her feet. But she is beyond help, her eyes stare blankly off into the darkness, and her once bright, orange skin, slowly turns a shade of grey.

“What a pity, I was hoping it was going to be a two for one sort of thing,” a voice says from the darkness, she spins around, terrified, tears streaming down her face. She tightly grips the knife that’s in her hand and gets to her feet.

“FUCK YOU!” she screams.

“Come now, haven’t we already done that?”

“If I could take it back I would, you make me sick, you’re nothing but a vile piece of gutter trash that somehow managed to survive when you should’ve…” she doesn’t get to finish her tirade, the blade digs into her side, she feels the pain, the blood, run down her side, and a dizziness, comes over her.

“Bitches be bitching, but you sister, you bore me, well into the night sometimes, when you should be sleeping. That’s right, I hear you praying, begging, wanting to be forgiven, when you know, that there is none,” he says as he grabs her by the breast and squeezes, biting her neck, she squirms in pain, as she tries to force him away. He laughs, then lets her crash to the ground, wiping his mouth of the saliva and blood with his sleeve. “What? You don’t want to reminisce about old times?”

“W-W-We are diff-d-d-different you and I, we always were,” she says softly, stretching her arm out, towards Cassie’s hand, and grips it tightly.

“That’s her fault, when she arrived, everything changed, you changed. But I, I stayed the same, I watched as you took everything wonderful about our world and destroyed it, all the while, skipping around merrily with that bitch. You should be ashamed of the things you two did, things, that were never meant to be done between two of the same flesh, but you did it, you spat in your god’s eye with your sins.”

“SHUT UP!” she yells, tightening her hands into fists, clenching her teeth together, she draws all the energy she has remaining in her body, and bring herself to her knees. “You are the one, you are the damaged, you are the unwell, I found happiness, acceptance, love, while you, you just hated. I was happy, couldn’t you’ve left me that way?”

“No,” he says softly, “No, I could not.”


“Because, because I didn’t want you to be, because I wanted you to be with me, not her, and when you refused me, I knew, she had to die, and if so, you shall as well.”

“T-Then, what will happen to you?”

“I, I will continue on, I…”

“No you wont,” Cassie says as she drives the blade through his chest, he looks at his sister, and a single tear runs down his face, followed by a sharp pain, as his head is removed from his neck.



You can read the original 50 Word Story HERE.

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