Horrorween Day 5 – Pay Day – 50 Word Story Expanded

He drives the baseball bat into the things skull, knocking it to the ground, “RUN!” he yells, the boys, at first, look on in fear as the thing slowly gets to it’s feet again, he turns to them, his face stern, resolved. “Run for fuck sake, let me do this!”

“DAD!” one of the boys yells, as the thing attacks, he crashes to the ground, screaming in agony, as the thing rips into him, tearing his flesh from the bone, and then, he is silent, as the thing, starts to stuff it’s mouth full of his flesh. The boys stand there, petrified, staring, watching the thing, as it devours him, it looks up, towards them, as it chews.

“What should we do?”

“Are you seriously asking that?”

“Of course I am, look, the bat, it’s…”

“It’s what? Another way for us to get killed? Jerry’s dad tried that and the thing slaughtered him, like it has everyone else who’s attempted to stand up to it, I say we fucking run, we keep running and we don’t look back, ever!”

“That thing’ll catch up, kill us, one by one, until we’re all dead. Our only chance is to stop it, now, while we have the chance!”

“What fucking chance have we got? We’re kids, Jerry’s dad was a big guy, and that thing smashed him into nothing, in a few seconds, just like your brother. He was big, but this thing, it took him out like he was nothing, we’re like snacks to it, I say we run while we can.”

“Look at it,” Jerry says, the other three look over towards it, where it sits, watching them, it’s head tilted to the side.

“I-I-Is it l-l-listening to us?”

“I think so,” Jerry says.

“What should we do? Do you think it understands us?”

“W-Why don’t we ask it,” Jerry says, as he takes a nervous step forward.

“Jerry, don’t!”

“I’ll be right Froggy, I don’t think it’s going to hurt me,” he says as he takes another step towards it. “Can you understand me?” It stares at him, it’s head tilts to the other side, and then, it nods in understanding, Jerry looks back to the others, then back, to the thing. “Why are you here?” It’s head tilts back again, as it stuff more flesh into it’s mouth, then, holds out it’s hand, offering a piece of his fathers torn flesh to Jerry, he shakes his head, and the thing tilts it’s head again, then stuff the flesh into it’s mouth.

“Just leave it Jerry, it seems happy right now, let’s just get out of here before it changes it’s mind and comes after us!” Froggy says.

“No, it’s intelligent, maybe we can reason with it, find out what it wants,” he says, turning to them, the look on their faces tells him all he needs to know, and the warmth of its breath on the side of his face does the rest. Slowly he turns to face it, as it stands there, staring at him, still chewing on pieces of his father. “P-P-Please,” he says, it stops, and once again, tilts it’s head, before it attacks.




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