Day 297 – Case File A21764 – One Love – Short Story

If you read the newspapers, you know what’s going on with the world, how it’s slowly sinking into it’s own shit, but, if you don’t, which means you’re either dead, blind, or both, let me fill you in real quick, because, honestly, no matter how much time I spend trying to explain it to you, you’re never really going to believe, or understand it all.

Fuck, now there’s two word I have a hard time coming to grips with, believe and understand, shit, I can remember a time, if I was told about some of the shit I’ve seen, I’d tell you to lay off the drugs, and take a bit of time off in a psych ward, now, i don’t even bat an eye lid, I guess it’s like internet porn, after a while, nothings shocking anymore, NOTHING.

I guess it’s part of the reason I started this, my own personal case log, to, share all the strange shit with someone, one day, or, at least have some evidence to show how bad things are when I’m long gone and the world gets back to normal, shit, now wouldn’t that be a thing?

Anyway, lets not spend too much time here, my head is somewhere none of us want to explore, this is about the cases.

It started a little over nine months ago, the world sorta cracked open like an egg, and weird shit started seeping out, crazy shit you’d expected to see in those old pre-code horror comic books and TV, not real life, but fuck me, if it wasn’t really happening.

Three hours ago we got a called out to a rural farming area, the story was there was some sort of domestic disturbance that took place, apparently shots were fired, the local P.D. went out to check on it, they gave a half arse report about lots of blood, then, never reported back in, we were called after that. We don’t really have a name, but, when anything that raises a, this situation could be pretty fucked up flag, anywhere in the world, I’m there, within a matter of hours, sometimes less.

I got to the property, local boy’s car was sitting in the driveway, lights flashing, door hanging open, enough blood to say at least one of the boys ain’t breathing anymore, I pulled my Remington from it’s holster and made my way up to the house, more blood on the steps, around the entrance way, the door was wide open, so I didn’t bother knocking. Two bodies greeted me in the front foyer, first guy was maybe in his late fifties, the second, younger, but that’s about all I could make from his remains, they looked a right mess, someone had hacked them to pieces, post-mortem by the looks of the wounds.

I found the first officer by a set of stair that lead up, took my time, old boy had been half eaten, his throat’d been chewed out. I’d seen shit like this before, so, I drove my ten inch blade into the back of his head, severed the spinal cord and then stuck it through one side of his temple and out the other. Fucking zombies…

Yeah, okay, sure, I said the ‘Z’ fucking word, like it wasn’t on the tip of your tongue, shit, this screams zombies, even someone who’d never seen a zombie movie would know that.

I made my way up the stairs, old boy number two was spread eagle on the landing, this one was an absolute mess, he let out a gargle, then, I’ll be fucked if he didn’t try to move. I stuck him as well, and then headed towards the back rooms, did I mention music? No? Well anyway, there was music playing somewhere, soft-rock shit, you know, the shit they play in romantic movies fro the eighties, when the guy finally earns the chance to bone the leading lady. Anyway, the first two rooms were empty, and that left only one, the fucker with the closed door, I hated closed doors.

Gently I placed my hand on the bloody doorknob and let the door open slowly, I took a step in and lowered my gun, I’ve seen a lot of things in the last few months, shit that would make you want to scoop out your eyes with a spoon, but, I ain’t ever seen two zombies fucking before, let alone to Peter Cetera.

At first, I didn’t know what to do, it was like I’d walked in on my parents fucking, I wanted to run out of the room and collect myself, but, I didn’t want to alert them of my presence so I just stood there, although, that felt wrong as well, made me feel a bit dirty. The stale mate in my brain was broken by a hiss and a spit, the fuckers made a mad, naked dash towards me, I dropped them both and quickly exited the room and called it in.

Turned out the two Z’s were a couple, Samuel and Laura Ashton, and the bodies down stairs were Samuel’s father Jerry and his older brother Peter.

From what I can piece together from the scene, Laura must’ve turned at least a month ago, maybe longer, we found seventeen shallow graves out the back of the house, all missing persons, all drifters, I gather Samuel must’ve kept Laura hidden and been feeding her strays, obviously his old man found out and came to put her down. There was a scuffle, she somehow got free and took them both down, I’m guessing, after he got her contained again, Samuel made sure they weren’t gonna rise again. This is where it gets weird, I know, that makes no sense considering what the fuck we’re dealing with, but, from what I can only assume, and by saying assume, I mean, from what I believe happened, is that Samuel must’ve got tired all the shit he had to do to keep her hidden, and decided to just let her turn him, so, in a weird fucked up way, they could be together.

Poor fucker, and they say love is all you need.


The short story this follows in One Love.

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