42 Days Until The End – Sunset – Short Story 

Pompous son-of-a-bitch, that’s what he is, deluded in his own fiction, thinking he’s more than anything, more man than anyone else, when, in reality, he’s a fucking tool just fooling himself, as well as anyone whose stupid enough to be dragged into his fiction.

Who am I talking about? Jordan Wells, that’s who, that slimy piece of shit.

You’ve of course, heard of him?

No, really, are you telling me you’ve never heard of Jordan Fucking Wells?

No way, don’t you pay attention to the world around you?

Hey, I didn’t call you a fucking retard, j just asked if you pay attention to shit happening in the world, watch the news, read a paper, shit like that.


Seriously, so you don’t know what’s going on at the moment, you don’t know about his rise to the top of the totem pole, and his outlandish stories that put him there?

Fuck, I mean, I don’t want to make you feel stupid, honestly, but, you need to pay attention to shit, because, Jordan Wells is the man of the minute, the first honest to goodness, by the way, this is what the media is calling him, hero.

I’ll wait while you google his name, go on, I’m not going anywhere, look him up, read all the stories, see all the glossy, photoshopped pictures, do the whole tour, then, come back here, and continue reading, so I can tell you why he’s full of shit.

So, what do you think? Total jerk wad, right?

Sorry, you found nothing on him?

Bullshit, he’s been on the news every single day for the last two weeks, in all the papers, magazines, how in the fucking hell could you not find anything about him?

Look, don’t be like that, did you spell his name right? Jorden Wells.


Yes, I’m sure I spelt his name correctly, are you?

What do you mean I spelt it Jordan earlier on in the piece? I don’t think your paying attention, his name is Jorden Tells, scum bag extraordinaire.

Excuse me?

How dare you imply I’m making all this up for attention. What reason would I have for doing that?

Well, answer me?


Are you still there?


4 Replies to “42 Days Until The End – Sunset – Short Story ”

  1. Very good Matt. Really impressed by this challenge of yours and the imaginative short stories that keep appearing. This one has that zany edge reminiscent of pub bullshit that I try and leave the rambler asking the same question you ended this with…Are you still there? Cracking read once more!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It how I write Matt; stuff the planning and mucking about; a character speaks, or they don’t. I roll with it personally I tend to find it works (for me) much better 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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