Stay Within The Lines – Day Five

We all, for better or worse, want one thing from life, as a set standard, to be happy. Happiness can be measured in many different way, to fit whatever fantasy we have stuck instead our heads. For some it involves a shit load if money, for others it is fame, others power, and so on, and on, but, however we see it, happiness is what we’re all after. It’s the fundamental requirement as humans we desire, this is what it’s all about, this is what life is, and what mountains we need to move to succeed, without happiness, our life, is empty.

Today is unemployment day five, okay, I think I’m getting better at this, I’m planning my days and weeks ahead, I’m planning a schedule, I’m getting a flow, one that I hope will have results. But, if there is failure, it will only push me forward, push me harder down the road I want to follow, to become what I desire to be, because no one succeeds without failure.

Wickedness, you beautiful thing, time and again throughout the land, through my life, you’ve cast your hand, but only a fool would try again, and again to try and succeed, or, is it a fool who walks away after failing at the start without ever trying to earn their rewards?

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