Designed For Free – Unhinged Poem

Flesh designed to rip free, music to my ears, the cries and the pleads, a wish not granted, a sea not sailed, progress at the expenditure of life, when the soil is still warm, perceive, promote, promise the world, but don’t foolishly promise the cure, for the cure is not an end..

Ant Hill One – 50 Word Story

“Y-Y-Yo-You. W-W-What have YOU DONE!” Keith stammers as he staggers backwards clutching at his chest. Aaron smiles as he flicks the long locks of hair that have cascaded over his shoulders back behind him, and flippantly laughing as he does. “There is nothing I cannot do, y…” “Or won’t do!”

The Red Captain – 50 Word Story

“If I cared for dated shit Pere, I’m sure I would be impressed. But we both know it doesn’t do a god damn thing for me. Which makes me a bit dubious of asking the question, on why you brought me all the way up here in the first place.”

This One Is An Outie – 50 Word Story

“P-P-Please, m-my children. T-They’re y-young, k-kids. P-P-Please, let them go.” He stammers, tears running down his face. “You know, it’s too late for anything like that, don’t you? I mean,” he says, as he bends down and lifts a lifeless corpse of a child into his view. “O-OH GOD NO!”

Thy Wickedness Of When – Unhinged Poem

Burning sickness, within us, becoming us, like a mirror’s reflection, we look, but we are not, a cheap copy of something that was once meant to be human but now resembles a photo, no substance, only flair, this is the grit of another man’s war…

Stories Are My Game – 50 Word Story

“You think there is a higher purpose for you up there?” A grizzled voice coos from somewhere beyond her vision. With a fevered desperation she tightens her eyes, as she fights against the twisting shutdown that she begun with her own hands. “W-W-Who?” “It’s your mother, are you coming home?”

Coolest Kid In School – 50 Word Story

“Ouch!” Fabian says mockingly. “And this guy is your best friend? Or is he the only one you have?” “S-S-Shut up! BOTH OF YOU!” He yells, as he clenches his hands into fists and spits his words with a venom untouched before by his lips. “I CAN SOLVE YOUR DILEMMA!”  

Like The Butterfly – 50 Word Story

He smiles a toothless grin and squints at her with his cold grey eyes, “I never ENDED up here, I chose to hold my ground at this place, and protect all that was. I sacrificed myself, for everyone else.” She feels a cold shiver run down her spine, and jumps....

Flight Or Fight – 50 Word Story

A wry smile forms on her lips as she turns to him, and scoffs. “The child wants to be a man now, how surprising, yet enticing. Are you sure you want to do this? I can still turn a blind eye and allow you to leave like you did before.”