Day 05 – The Things You’ll Do For Love – Short Story

Melinda sits on the side of her bed, and the tears run down her face uncontrollably as the day finally takes its toll on her. Jeremy makes his way into the room carrying a glass of water and sits down beside her placing a hand on her leg and handing her the glass. She looks at him through tear filled eyes and smiles as she takes a big mouthful from the glass and hands it back to him, she wipes her mouth as he places the glass on the table beside the bed.

“I don’t know what I’d do without you,” she says as she grips his hand tightly.

“You never have to worry about that, I’m here for you whenever you need me, however you need me.”

She smiles as she runs a hand across his jaw, “God, these last few weeks have been the worst weeks of my life and the only good thing that’s happened is you,” she says as she looks into his big, green eyes. “It’s like you came into my life just when I needed you the most.”

“I guess it’s the world telling us something I think, I mean, I’ve never believed in fate, or destiny or any of that shit before, but when we ran into each other that night something greater was at play, something out of our control, something wonderful,” he replies with a smile.

“You think so, you think we met each other for a reason?”

“I know so, somehow we both were meant to be there, somehow we were supposed to meet, so we could forge this,” he says as he rubs her leg, she looks down at his hand and cuddles up to him as the tears flow again.

“Really? I feel so terrible that you’re stuck with me like this, all the crazy things that have happened, with everything, god you don’t even really know me but you’ve somehow stuck by my side.”

“Don’t be sorry, I want to be here, it’s my choice, so don’t be sorry.”

She smiles at him and stares down at her lap, “I just wish I had more time, you know, the doctor said Mum died instantly, she didn’t feel any pain, but it doesn’t help, fuck I was only…” But she loses control and nothing else but cries of pain come forth, Jeremy hugs her tightly.

“It’s OK, let it out,” he says as he kisses her on the forehead. Several moments pass before Melinda finally regains control and she pulls herself free from Jeremy’s clutches and composes herself, she picks up her phone and checks her messages and lets out a stuttered breath of anxiety, throwing it back down onto the bed.

“God I just wish Susan would answer her fucking phone or at least reply to a message to let me know she’s OK and she’s on her way, no one’s heard from her for three days, it’s not like her, fuck none of this is like anything I’ve ever experienced before, I just don’t know what to do.”

“She’ll show up, I’m sure of it,” Jeremy says as he places a hand on her chin and turns her face to his. “But I’m here for you baby, and I’m not going anywhere,” he kisses her on the lips and they press their foreheads together. “I think I’m falling in love with you,” he says softly as he takes a deep breath.

Tears run down her face and she pushes him away and sits for a few moments before she turns back and reach out slowly, nervously and places her hands either side of his face and kisses him back, “I think I’m falling for you too, it’s the worst time, I know, but I am,” she says and they kiss passionately, falling backward onto the bed together, in each others arms.




Jeremy throws his keys on the counter and collapses onto his couch, and looks across at her and smiles.

“She said it, she said the words, fuck, this is insane, I mean, where’s this going to go from here?” But she does not answer his question, she only stares deathly at him, the hate in her eyes like knives trying to stab him, and he smiles. “Don’t be jealous, it’s just the way life is,” he says as he gets to his feet and walks over to her, he runs a hand through her hair and she pulls away, so he grabs a handful of it and pulls her back towards him. “It’ll be over soon,” he says with a grin, tears stream down her face as she sees him raise the blade towards her, she jerks around furiously, but she knows there is no hope, the bindings are too tight and her moving around only makes them rip into her naked flesh. “By the way, I killed your mother this morning,” he says as he slices her throat open and laughs. “The things you’ll do for love,” and he steps back and watches the life drain from Susan’s body.




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