Day 25 – Sisters – Short Story

The darkness of his eyes drags her further into the depths of his soul and she lets a tear run freely from her face as she closes his eye lids and turns to her sister who sits a few feet away, huddled in a ball, weeping.

“Get yourself together Lotti, if we’re to get out of this, we have to keep ourselves ready and willing,” she says harshly to her little sister.

“H-How are we supposed to do anything but become what they have, we should have never let him in, we should have known he was more than just a stranger looking for warmth, we should have known,” she says through her tears.

“It’s too late for all that,” she says as she gets to her feet, her jeans covered in a thick black liquid, it slithers and slides down her legs, forming a puddle on the floor, she looks at her reflection and grits her teeth in anger. “We have to try.”

A clapping sound comes from beyond the door to her left and she sucks in a quick breath and holds it in fear.

“How your kind amuse me, with your determination, do you actually think there is hope? There is some sort of escape?” A deep voice says from the other side of the door.

“What do you want from us?” She screams.

“Isn’t it obvious?” He replies, “I want what gives you meat puppets life, I want that sweet chewy centre that’s inside you all, I want to roll it around on my tongue before I suck it deep into my being, child I want your soul.”

“Why? Why us? What did we do to deserve this?”

He laughs, “This is nothing personal child, you didn’t do anything to bring me here, all you did was open the door and invite me in. So don’t go looking for a reason, because there’s not one. So open the door and let us put an end to this night, accept your fate and feed me,” he says. “Or I’ll make you suffer, I’ll make your sister suffer, I’ll do things that will have you both begging me to stop, and trust me, I won’t, do you want that?”

“Why can’t you just leave, haven’t you taken enough from us already?” She says as she looks down upon her Fathers lifeless body and fights back the tears as she pulls her sister to her feet and hugs her tightly.

“My thirst is unending, it knows no sedation, so give in child, let go and I promise it will be quick.”

“Will we become like Father and William, will we turn into those things?”

“Such is the fate of my gift, but you will not be them who rise from your cold dead bodies, they will be something else entirely new, only sharing in your memories, who you are will be gone, if that is what you are asking.”

“Will you let my sister go free, will you allow that?” she asks.

“No Caroline, no, I don’t want to be alone, don’t leave me, please!” Lottie yells as she grips her sister tighter.

“Child, I make no promises, I make no deals, your sisters life is already mine, as is yours, just open the door and accept it.”

She looks down at her sister and brushes the hair from her face and kisses her on the forehead, “I won’t leave you, not ever.”

He enters the front door quickly and quietly, clutching a pistol firmly in one hand and a flash light in the other. Constable Harrison wipes the sweat from his brow and slowly makes his way from room to room until he comes across the body of a young boy, lying in a pool of black liquid, his stomach turns and he feels for a pulse, but find nothing but cold, dead skin. He pulls a radio from his belt.

“Dispatch, this is Constable Harrison, I’ve just arrive at one-twenty-seven Maryland Road, responding to a triple zero call that originated from this location. I’ve found the body of a young boy, I am presuming it to be William Fletcher, I’m going to require backup to my location as soon as possible.”

“Constable Harrison, I’ll have addition officers to your location within ten minutes, you are advised to clear the building until support arrive.”

“Copy that dispatch, I’ll be more than happy to wait outside.”

He gets to his feet and freezes in place as he feels a presence behind him and spins around as Caroline bites deeply into one side of his throat and Lotti bites into the other.



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