Day 36 – What The Flesh Wants – Short Story

The two girls sit in the pool of blood, staring at each other, looking deeply into each other’s eyes, and no words are said. The doors before them crash open, but they do not flinch, they do not react, they just continue to sit there, staring. He strides into the room, the blood splashing under his powerful footsteps, and he come to a stop in front of the girls, still they show no signs of movement or awareness of his entrance.

“Well, haven’t we made a fucking mess,” he says.

“It was necessary,” one of the girls says, they both smile.

“And it was fun,” the other says as they both look at him.

“Fun or not, you must control yourselves, we have moved around too many times in the last year, and it is beginning to become a bore,” he says as he crouched down, cupping both their chins in his hands. “Why do you do this to me, why do you continue to make everything an effort, why can’t you just behave?”

“We are sorry Timothy, we really are. But, you must remember, you were the one who opened the box, you were the one who brought us here, you knew what we were,” one of them says as she grabs his hand from her chin and proceeds to suck on one of his fingers, he closes his eyes in delight, as a warm sensation runs from his finger through his whole being.

“We only truly want to make you happy, but we can’t stop being what we are, we can’t be normal like you want us to be,” the other says as she does the same, his lip trembles with ecstasy, as he feels himself harden, and he pulls himself away. But the girls grab his arms and pull him to the ground and they intertwine their bodies around him, kissing him, ripping at his clothing, until they are all naked and covered in mess of blood and juices.

One of the girls mounts him while the other continues to kiss and caress him, he closes his eyes as the girl thrusts herself up and down on his hard member, bringing him closer to orgasm.

“We are getting bored as well,” the other whispers in his ear and his eyes flash open as she sinks her teeth into his throat and rips and huge chunk of flesh from it, he tried to escape their grasp, but his fight is futile as he feels his life blood slip away as the other still rides him, screaming in ecstasy as they both orgasm, and then he lies still and lifeless.

The girls lay there, cuddled up to his cold, still corps, their hands locked together, twisting and turning, back and forth.

“What’s next for us dear sister, now we have no master, who will we follow?”

“We will wait, we will be called again, someone will want what the flesh wants, desire what the body desires, and then we will have a new master, and it will begin again.”



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