Day 79 – Knight Life – Short Story

“To the eater of souls I send you!” She screams as she drives the sword deep into the Kings chest, and spins quickly around, pulling the sword free and waving it at the oncoming knights.

“Vile wench, I will have your head!” One of the knights yells as he charges at her, his sword drawn high into the air, he swings it powerfully towards her, but she out manoeuvres his attack and drives her sword up between the joints of his armour and digs it into his side, he screams in pain and crashes to the ground as she quickly arms herself with his dropped sword and swings it toward the other knights who stand a few feet away.

“Come you cowards, are you afraid of woman?” She screams as she waves the swords towards then.

“You are not a woman,” he says weakly from her side, as he cough up blood. “You are a vile demon, sent from the witch’s realm to lay siege to our kingdom, but you will not su-su-succeed, we will vanquish…..” and he slumps forward and she looks back at the other knights.

“Is that what you all think? You all truly think I am but a weapon of the witch?”

“Don’t try and bedazzle us with your words, we know what you are!” one of the knights yells.

“You’re all fools, don’t you see it, the king was a slave to the witches calls, he was bedding her nightly while you all rode off and risked your lives for him, under the same roof as I sleep, in the very bed I conceived our children, your king, my husband, was screwing the evil that has taken so many of your brothers from you. What I did today, was only the beginning, together, let us bring on the ending,” she yells proudly, the knights dart each other looks, until one of them speaks.

“Lies, all lies, you’re trying to deceive us woman,” the knight yells as he charges towards he, suddenly a bow strikes him through the skull and his body crashes to the ground, the other knights turn to face the legendary red knight, who stands at the entrance of the throne room.

“She speaks the truth, for I have seen it, I have witnessed your kings sins and he was guilty of nothing but death,” the knight says. The other knights all fall quickly to their knees, resting their heads on the hilt of their swords. He waves his hands, “Do not bow before me, I am not your kin or your king.”

“Then who shall we follow? Who shall lead us into victory against the witch? If no one takes his place then we have no chance, the people will desert us without someone to rule over them and with that, the witch will win.”

“You already have a leader, you already have a queen, let her show you the way you must go,” he says as he points towards her, she takes a step back as they turn to her, and share quick glances between each other before they all knee before her.

“We pledge ourselves to you, our queen and we swear, we will die protecting you are your people,” they say in unison.

“Rise, my knights of Gwendoor, for I need not you be my servants, but my comrades at arms, for I will not sit while you risk your lives for this kingdom, tonight we ride, and we kill the witch and drive her kind out of our valley and into extinction!” she screams, the knights raise their swords in unison.

“Long live the queen, long live the queen, long live the queen!”

She sits there staring at the images inside the cauldron and begins to laugh, “Yes long live the queen indeed, I’ll be waiting, sister.”



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