Day 88 – Kill Calvez – Short Story

“It’s not what you can do for your country, it’s what your country can do for you,” she says with a smile as she raises her hands in victory, the small crowd cheer in excitement as Vicky Calvez steps down from the podium and is quickly lead out the back by her staff, where she is met by four suited up and heavily armed men once she gets into the hallway.

“What the fuck is this all about?”

“Spider Miss, we sent the boys around as you said, they tracked him down and, and..”

“And what? For Christ sake man spit it out, I have better things, more important things to do that stand around here listen to your verbal diarrhoea!”

“They’re dead Miss.”

“Spider is a useless bus boy, he does runs and we pay him in meth, he hasn’t got the capabilities to pull that off.”

“It was his friend Miss, Anton Grainger.”

“Who the fuck is this, Anton Grainer?”

“You’re not going to like this.”

“Just tell me or you’ll find yourself in a hole,” she growls as she slaps him him across the face and then grabs him by the collar.

“Ex-Army, eight years in Special Forces, spend almost all of that time overseas, he’s seen more action that Nancy down at Big Sammy’s Fanny Slappers.”

“So, now, why the heavy artillery?”

“Because this Grainger has taken four of our labs out in the last two hours looking for you?”

“Fuck, you need to clean this up quickly and quietly, I’m so close to getting this seat in the senate I can almost taste it, I won’t have my chance fucked up by some burnt out, trigger happy ex-special forces piece of shit ruin it for me.”

“Are you crazy? We need to get the fuck out of here Victoria, this guy isn’t trying to ruin your chances at being elected, he wants you dead.”

“I will not run and hide, I’ve spent too much money on this, I will…” Her words are cut short as blood splatters across her face, the man standing next to her collapses to the ground, half his head missing. Seconds later, before anyone can react another collapses, and then another, until all the hit squad are lying in pools of their own blood, Vicky dives to the ground and scrambles for cover along with the three suits that accompanied her from the stage.

“What the fuck is going on, do something!” She screams.

“We’ve got no weapons Miss!” One of the men yells back.

“Well fucking get some!” She yells as she looks down the hallway and sees Anton striding down the hallway, revolver in hand, a shot rips through one of her aids, and then another, until she is sitting in their blood, shaking. From out of the shadows he leaps, tackling Anton to the ground, knocking the revolver from his hand. Anton grabs him by the arm, somehow twisting his knee up into his armpit, causing the man scream out in agony as his shoulder pops out, with another twist Anton grips his neck and pulls it back viciously, Vicky scrambles to her feet, grabbing the revolver from the ground and points it down towards Anton, she casually brushes hair from her face, inadvertently smearing blood across it and then she smiles.

“Did you really think you could just come in here and kill me like a pathetic street monkey?”

“I never came here to kill you,” Anton replies and he stares viciously into her eyes.

“Then why come all this way? Why kill my people if you don’t intend to kill me?”

“Because I’m not the one killing you,” he says as his eyes dart to the side, she slowly moves her eyes towards what he motioned to, and all too late sees Spider standing across from her, with a revolver pointed at her head, she doesn’t even have time to comprehend what happens as the bullet rips into her head.



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