Two for One until the ton!

For the next few days, well, twelve of them to be precise, you’ll be getting two short stories a day.


Well it’s an easy answer, you see we are but a few small sleeps away from one hundred days of the blog, and as it happens, because at the beginning, Lies of a Broken World was posted as part of the blog, you the reader, missed out on a few shorts stories, thirteen to be exact. So to change that, I’m giving you an extra short story a day to make up for it, in doing this when we hit day one hundred, we will indeed have one hundred short stories in the bag, day one hundred will have three shorts, as maybe I should have started this idea yesterday, but I was originally just going to give you all the extras on day one hundred, but have instead decided to do it this way, because it evens it all out, and you don’t just get hit with a whole stack in one day.

So hold on tight and enjoy, and don’t forget, The Roundhead starts on the 25th of October, I know it seems like so long away, but, it’s not, and just to wet your appetites I’ve got a few little stories to help draw you into it all that start in a few weeks. Then once The Roundhead is over and we get back to normal, Lies of a Broken World will return, and new readers will have the chance to enjoy the journey with us all as you’ll get a chapter a week instead of it being separated into four parts over two weeks.

I’m also still taking YouChallenge stories so throw me your ideas, it doesn’t need to be a crazy idea, it can be as simple as ‘a man walks across the street,’ see, easy. So send me your meat and I will make you a meal! Put your challenge in the comments or send an email to

Until next we meet, which will be in a few days because the third month is almost up, anyway, keep reading, writing, drawing, filming, acting, or whatever else it is your dream to do, because it’s never going to happen if you don’t work at it!




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