Day 90 – Unhealthy – YouChallenge Short Story

“It’s just not healthy Ben, can’t you just get another hobby?” She says, but he shows little to no acknowledgement of her words, he just stares forward. “For fuck sake Ben, look at me when I’m talking to you, or so help me god I’m leaving?” But still he doesn’t move, she screams in frustration and storms over to the power point and grabs the cord.

“Pull it out and I’ll kill you,” he says, she stops and stands there, still holding onto the cord and turns to face him, he still sits there, showing no signs that he even knows she’s there, but she clearly heard him speak.

“What the hell Ben?”

“I said, fucking pull it out and I’ll kill you Sally, are you fucking deaf?” He says, not even bothering to look away from the TV, she feels her hands shake and drops the cord.

“What’s happened to you Ben? What’s happened, to us?”

“For god sake Sally, can’t we do this another time? I fucking watching my show!”

“You’re always watching this fucking thing Ben, you haven’t moved for the last two days except to take a piss or a shit and you’ve been carry the pad around with you when you do so you don’t miss any of this stupid fucking show, can’t you just turn it off for a few hours, so we can spend some time together, with just each other?”

“Typical,” he grunts.


“I fucking said, typical, I mean, it’s always like you to twist anything I actually have an interest in to be the worst thing in the world, is it because you can’t accept the fact I’m enjoying myself? Or is it just because you’re not the front and center of my attention?” He says, once again not tearing his eyes from the screen.

“You’re losing it Ben, whatever’s going on with you is just too much, if you want to talk to me, I’ll be at Becky’s,” she says as she runs out of the room and grabs her keys and bag off the kitchen table, he grabs her arms tightly and forces her to drop her keys onto the table.

“You’re not fucking going anywhere,” he says, still keeping his eyes locked in the TV. “When my show is done we’re going to sit down and talk this out, but right now, you’re….” He doesn’t get a chance to finish what he is saying as she drives the keys into his throat, he releases his grip on her and clutches at his neck, while she continues to stab him over and over again with the key, until she is finally exhausted and he is dead, she looks up and stares at the screen, the camera slowly zooms in on her face, covered in blood, and she finds she cannot pull herself away as she slowly walks over to the couch and sits down.



The challenge was, ‘man watches too much TV.’

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