Day 89 – Hello, Officer – YouChallenge Short Story

He looks uncomfortably into the rear-view mirror, at the car behind him, it’s red and blue lights flash violently and he swallows a mouthful of air, it moves down his throat like a rock and he shuffles in his seat as the officer gets out of the vehicle and slowly makes his way towards him.

“Is this your car sir?” the officer asks.

“Yes, yes, did I do anything wrong, I didn’t think I did anything wrong, I was…” he says quickly until the officer interrupts him.

“Please sir, I’ll ask all the questions around here, you just need to answer the questions, not write a book, now, can I see your licence?”

He nervously pulls out his licence and hands it to the awaiting officer’s hand, “I wasn’t trying to be rude before, I just didn’t realise I did anything wrong, I-I-I was within the speed limit, I indicated when…..” the officer interrupts him again.

“Have you been drinking today sir?”

“No, no never while I’m driving,” he quickly answers. “Why? Did I seem to be driving erratically or something, I swear to…”

“If you can just blow into this?” the officer says sternly as he pulls out a small black device with a tube on the end of it.

“Is this really necessary?”

“You can either do it here or at the station.” The man reluctantly places his lips over the tube, “Now keep blowing until I tell you otherwise,” the officer says, the man blows into the tube and the machine lets out a high pitched noise and the officer pulls the device away. “Okay, you can stop now,” he says as he looks at the device and back at the man, “So what’s you’re deal son?”

“Excuses me?” the man asks nervously.

The officer pulls his sunglasses off and leans down to the window. “I said, what’s your deal. I saw you initially at the lights three blocks back, I don’t think you realised I saw you, but I noticed you noticing me, and it seemed like you suddenly got a little nervous, like you are now, sweat running down your forehead, all jittery and what not, I thought maybe you had a few drinks under your belt, but that ain’t it. So what is it? Should I search the car?”

“NO!” he yells quickly.

“So, I should search the car,” the officer repeats.

“Honestly, you don’t need to, there’s nothing in the car, I swear, I-I-I’m just late for work, really, I am.”

“Step out of the vehicle, and put your hands on the roof!”

“No, please, you can’t do this, I know my rights, and I’ve done nothing wrong!”

The officers pulls his revolver from its holster and aims it at the man, “I said, get out of your car now before I put a bullet in your head!”

“Okay, okay!” he yells as he nervously get out of the car and the officers shoves him up against the side of the car, “Fuck, Luke, you jerk!”

“What?” the officer says as he takes a step back, putting his hands high in the air in surprise.

“You fucking prick, you shoved me too hard!” he says as he turns quickly around to face him.

“Sorry, I guess I really got into it.”

“You think?” he says as he storms past him towards the house.

“Don’t blame me, I told you how I get with this role playing shit!” he yells out chasing him inside.



The challenge was, ‘man pulled over by a cop.’

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