Day 101 – Signs – YouChallenge Short Story

“That wasn’t what I was trying to say,” she says as she places a hand on his lap, he looks down to the floor and then up into her eyes and forces a smile.

“I know, but it still came out that way.”

“I promise, I’ll keep my stupid mouth closed in the future, just don’t go all sideways on me like you did last time.”

He places a hand on hers and grips it tightly, “Don’t worry honey, I’m here with you, the only place I want to be, but you’ve got to understand, it’s not my fault, I just can’t do it, never have been able to, god knows I’ve tried.”

“It’s okay, I won’t try forcing shit on you, I guess we all have our strange phobias.”

“It’s not a phobia, I just fucking hate them, that’s all.” He says as he gets to his feet, running his hands through his hair, until he grabs chunks of it and pulls, letting out a groan of displeasure.

“Marc, seriously, you’re taking this too far again,” she says with a giggle.

“It’s not funny, look, I’m going to head home, I need to, I need to be out of this place, sorry, tomorrow, somewhere nice, I promise,” he says as he rushes out the door.

“Okay, bye,” she says softly as she collapse on the floor and lets out a giggle, “What a strange one,” she says as she stretches out on the floor, tightly closing her eyes, she hears the cat scream from outside and is quickly to the door, Marc stands there, blood covers the front of his top and the body of one of the local cats hangs lifeless in his hands, he looks at her and the look on his face is pure rage.

“What? You should have seen what the little shit was doing, taunting me like it was some sort of king shit, it was asking for it!”

“oh my god Marc, leave, get the hell out of here, I can’t fucking believe you, GET AWAY!” she yells as she starts throwing punches at him, he grabs her arms in defence of himself and she drives a knee up into his groin and he tumbles forward, she drives another knee up into his face, spreading his nose across it, and he slams into the ground in a ball.

“Don’t ever come around here again, or next time, so help me god I will do more than break you’re fucking nose!” she yells.

“You don’t understand, it was taunting me, look, look at my car, look what it did!”

“Get the fuck out of here, you crazy son of a bitch!” she yells as she storms back into her house and slams the door. He slowly picks himself up off the ground and stands there for a few moments, as he toys with the idea of going in and trying to talk to her, but he decides against it and walks over to his car. He peers over the roof of the car, looking over at the hood and lets out a sigh of disappoint, written in what he can only guess is cat shit is the word ‘arsehole.’



The challenge was,  ‘man who hates animals.’

6 thoughts on “Day 101 – Signs – YouChallenge Short Story

  1. Is that felinicide? It sounds naughty. Another one of those wonder days, Matthew, when you wonder where this is going and how it will end? Whimsical, is the word that springs to mind, whimsical felinicide.

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      1. Haha, you’ve got the basis of the plot, now how will it be done? Who will do it? And what will their reason be? A struggling director who needs to break into the big time, he kidnaps and proceeds to eat said director in the hope of taking in his skills, his life energy, like tribes dos with fallen warriors and enemies. Ah, the story writes itself 👍

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