Day 110 – The Roundhead Prelude 2 – Dare To Share

**This takes place after chapter one of The Roundhead and before chapter two**


She rips the headphones from her ears, throwing them across the room, inadvertently pushing her laptop away, and sending it crashing to the floor. Frantically, she feels around for the switch to her lamp, her heart beating furiously in her chest, she gasps for air as the light flickers on, placing a shaking hand on her forehead, and the other on her chest, she sits like this for a minute or more before finally, letting out a nervous giggle.

“Holy fuck,” she gasps as she reaches down and picks up the laptop and readjusts the screen, letting out a sigh of relief as she sees it’s undamaged, her eyes scan the screen, and she bites down, on her bottom lip as she slowly moves the mouse cursor over the star, and presses it.

“Holy fuck,” she repeats again moving the cursor over the share button, and allows it to hover there for a few moment, the, tightly closing her eyes as she presses it, and lets out another giggle. The lamp beside her flickers violently, she turns her head to the side, and stares at the globe, watching blue forks of electricity dancing around inside it, then, there’s a popping sound, and the light bursts, the glass casing of the light shatters into tiny fragments. Quickly, she turns her face away in an attempt to shield it from the glass and stares into two soulless, black, dead eyes, belonging to a pale, motionless boy, no older than her, for mere seconds, they stare at each other in silence, and then, his mouth slowly opens, as he begins to speak.

“We read the words that hides its curse, bridging the gap for it to transverse, as we give it a body, we give it a form, we taste it, we smell it, we bring on the storm, within the words we call it by name, we share it, we pass it, then our soul it does claim, so say it with me and join us in sin, say its name for it will begin, Roundhead, Roundhead, Roundhead!” The boy says, he voice distorted, as though he was underwater, pitched like fingernails along a chalkboard, and then, he is gone, to be replaced by the smell of stench and decay, of death, she sits there, frozen in fear, unable to scream, unable to move, as it appears out of the darkness and moves towards her, his large, clawed hands twist, and reach for her, as it lets out a low, bloodcurdling growl.




All artwork by Yazgar, check his stuff out when you can!

10 thoughts on “Day 110 – The Roundhead Prelude 2 – Dare To Share

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚ I never intentionally went that way, but the story decided these heralds of what ever it is had a message for those who will become victims of the beast, and the rhymes evolved from there. I’m glad they work πŸ‘ thanks again.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, I’m enjoying doing these little super shorts, they are a little bit of fun, and they also slowly introduce you to the world and the rules. Thanks so much for reading πŸ‘


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