Day 110 – The Room – Short Story

“The key is hidden, under a stone, in the back yard, she said, which fucking stone?” Grace says as she stands in front of a pile of rocks, she looks over to Unus and he shrugs his shoulders, his suit cover in dirt, for the last two hours they’ve been sifting through the rocks that sit outside her grandmothers old home, looking for the key she apparently kept hidden to a door in the basement, two hours, and they seem no closer to finding it than they had when they started.

“Why don’t we just break the fucking door down?” he says as he turns to her.

“Because it’s not the way it’s supposed to work, her will clearly stated we have to find the key, if we find the key then we get what’s on the other side of the door, it just won’t work otherwise, if we break it open it won’t be….”

“It won’t be what?”

“Just help me find the key, please?”

“What if there’s nothing there, you said no one’s lived here for years, not since she moved into the retirement village, this is just jacked to the hilt Gracie!” He says as he throws several more rocks to the ground. As one of rocks crash into the others it splits open and they both catch the faint glimmer of something within, and look at each other in excitement as they dive into the rock pile and pull out a key, she holds it high and screams with excitement and they rush into the house, sitting in the dining room are her parents and the solicitor and she bangs the key down onto the table.

“Well,” he says as he picks the key up and studies it. “Congratulations, whatever’s in that room is now yours,” he says as he passes the key back. Grace smiles with nervousness and excitement as she runs down the stairwell into the basement and up to the door, for a few nervous moments she stands there, trying to hold back the excitement.

“Well, don’t just stand there dumb struck, try it,” Unus says, she looks at him and giggles as she slips the key into the lock and it turns. She places a shaking hand on the doorknob and looks back at Unus again and takes a deep breath.

“When we were kids ouma always told us about a place, a magical word, where she had hundreds of adventures when she was a young woman. Every time we would stay over she would tell a different story and as we got older she’d always say that one day, when she was gone it would be my turn, and all I had to do was open the door,” she says as she opens the door, and looks into the empty room, she looks at Unus and the excitement seems drained from her eyes.

“Did you really believe this would be a doorway to another world?” He asks as he follows her into the room.

“I don’t know, yes, no, as we got older I just thought it was stories she told to entertain us because she never owned a TV. But when they read out the will I thought maybe, somehow all the stories she told were tr….” She stops mid-sentence as a bright white light flashes wildly around the room, and she smiles as a tear runs down her cheek, and then she and Unus were gone, where? Well that’s a story for another day.



14 Replies to “Day 110 – The Room – Short Story”

    1. I’ll tell you a secret, I honestly didn’t have a clue what to do with the end of this one, I wrote it in fifteen minutes and then proceeded to waste the rest of the time trying to figure out what was in the room, when in the end, I kept the original ending. It was destined to be unknown 👍

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      1. They can be tricky because if you’re an avid reader of the Grimms or Hans Christian Andersen, as I was when I was eight, you know pretty much all the likely endings. The trick was to keep the awe and suspense. Blinding white lights, well that’s been used, but the line about the ‘next story’ made it.


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