Day 109 – Pretty Things – Short Story

The knife scrapes along the side of the tin shed, like fingernails along a blackboard. He slowly makes his way around the other side where she sits, crouched on the ground, blood covers most of her lower half, where he’s already attacked her.

“Please!” she screams. “Please! Just let me go!”

He laughs as he slowly makes his way towards her, knife in hand. “I can’t do that pretty lady, you see, you and your friends, you..” he stops mid-sentence as a man dives from behind the shed at him, he effortlessly thrust the knife up and catches him in the air with the blade, piercing his stomach, and they both go crashing to the ground, she screams in terror as he throws him to the ground and pulls the knife free with an upwards motion, slicing his abdomen open as if it was a garbage bag splitting, his insides tumble out and he frantically tries to stuff them back in, struggling to grab a breath, he looks over to her as she continues to scream and he slowly, shakenly stretches out his arm towards her before he collapses to the ground.

“He did better than I thought he would, almost got it all back in,” he says with a laugh as he turns back to her. “So, where’s the other two, they hiding in the shadows as well, waiting to strike?”

“Fuck you, you crazy fucking piece of shit, fuck yo…..” he drives the blades of the knife into the centre of her head and twists it, she sits there with a blank lifeless look on her face as blood quickly begins to pour out of the wound.

“oh shut the fuck up!” he hisses as he pulls the knife free and she falls to the ground, lifeless, he grabs a handful of her hair and begins dragging her back around the other side of the shed, turning to the body of the man, he nods his head, “I’ll be back for you soon son, just don’t go any where!” he says as he begins laughing hysterically. As he comes around the corner he is struck in the head with a log of wood and goes crashing to the ground, disoriented and confused he feels the log of wood crash into his head again, and then darkness.

When he opens his eyes he finds himself bound to a chair and the two remaining kids stand before him.

“Well if it isn’t Tweedledum and Tweedledee, what, you college kids going to give me what I deserve now are you?”

“Fucking too right we are,” the man says as he lays two solid punches into the side of his face, he laughs as he spits out a wad of blood.

“That’s a mighty fine left you’ve got there, bet mine is better, if you let me up I’ll show you what you’re doing wrong,” he says with a laugh.

“Fuck you, you won’t be laughing for long you crazy old fucking nut case!” he yells as she drivers another two punches into him, but he still continues to laugh.

“What’s so fucking funny old man, were going to slice you open just like you did our friends, so I wouldn’t be laughing if I was you.”

“I can’t help it son, you keep talking in the third person like there’s more than just you here,” he says with an evil glint in his eye, the boy spins around and find himself standing alone.

“Cherry? Cherry? Where the fuck are you?” he yells out.

“Cherry? What sort of fucking new age, hippy fucking weirdo name is Cherry?” he asks.

“You fucking prick, what have you done to her!” he yells he grabs him and digs the knife into his throat. “Where is she, or so help me god I’ll slice your fucking throat open!”

He laughs, “I don’t think you need to be worrying about me boy, I think you need to be worried about the wife!”

“What the fuck,” he says as he turns around as she launches out of the shadows and thrust a blade up through his jaw and tears into his brain, he jerks and twitches around for a few moments as she twists the knife , then rips back out and he drops like a sack of potatoes to the floor, she runs a hand across the man’s face and smiles.

“Are you all right my love?” she asks as she cuts the binds.

“All the better for seeing you my love,” he says as they kiss, he looks over to the disembowel body of the young girl and chuckles, “Fucking college kids.”



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