Day 125 – Final Show – YouChallenge Short Story

He looks over at her and smiles as he turns off the engine and releases his seat belt, looking over into the back at the two children who lie asleep.

“Poor dears, they were so excited to come here,” she’s says as she places a hand on his arm, he turns to her and smiles again.

“I know, all week it’s all they’ve been taking about, I guess the excitement wore them out.”

“And the long trip, we should have stayed with Mum and Dad instead of doing the drive on the same day,” she says.

“It’s almost better this way though,” he says as he places a hand on her leg. “More like when we first came here twenty-five years ago.”

“It was our first date, and almost our last,” she says with a giggle.

“Almost, but thankfully not, I felt like such a klutz all night, and was so sure I had messed it up,” he says as he grabs her and they kiss passionately.

“Thankfully though, you managed to redeem yourself,” she says as they sit with their foreheads touching, and staring into each other’s eyes.

“I still can’t believe they’re closing the old girl down though, I mean, she’s almost heritage listed for sure, my Grandfather used to bring my Dad and uncle Robert here when they were kids, and Dad us, it’s just a shame, it really is. I still can believe they’re going to build four high rise apartment on top of her, it’s just wrong, old man Rudy would turn in his grave.”

“Progress, income for the city, affordable housing for students, Clive, it’s best for the city, well that’s what they keep ramming down everyone’s throat.”

“Yeah well, it’s just wrong, I spent so many years of my life here before you, Dad would bring me, Dalton and Fletcher here every Sunday for the double B bill, I mean this place is the reason why I got into films in the first place, if I had the money…”

“If you had the money it wouldn’t matter honey,” she says as she snuggles next to him. “But it’s part of the reason why I love you so much, you care, it’s a rare thing,” she says as she kiss him on the cheek. “At least they allowed you to do this last night, to see her off properly.”

He smiles and lets out a laugh, “I don’t think they were comfortable allowing me to do this, I mean, I had to literally beg them to allow me to do this one last show before they tear her down, if old man Rudy was alive it wouldn’t have even been a question, but Rodney is nothing like his old man, he’s more money, not passion.”

A white light breaks the darkness and shines on the large screen and he looks at his wife and kisses her.

“Go get em stud,” she says as he climbs out of the car and walks up onto the strange, a hundred or more car horns beep like crazy and headlights flash as he reaches the center and stands in front of the microphone.

“My name is Clive Silverstone, I grew up in this town, and every Sunday my Dad, George, who is no longer with us brought me and my brothers here to be amazed by the wonders of film, and tonight I’m taking you on a trip as we farewell a true lady of the night. So sit back and get comfy, because we’re in for one hell of a final ride.”



The challenge was, ‘going to the last drive-in.’

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