Short Story

Day 128 – The Dark – Short Story

The lights flicker and he feels her grip tighten around his throat, he struggles to push her away, but the strength she displays, is not fitting of someone her size. He struggles for another breath, and feels his throat begin to crumble underneath her clutches and then the black and white pockets of light erratically begin exploding in front of his eyes, and then, nothing, total, utter darkness. For what seems like forever he stands there, in the darkness, no pain, no worries, no anything, he knows full well that he’s either unconscious and dying, or dead, but whatever the current circumstances are, they will all end the same way, with his death.

“You shouldn’t have crossed her Roc, you should have done what she asked weeks ago instead of played the shit hand you were dealt,” a voice says from out of the darkness.

“I don’t need you running me through what I did wrong, anyway, after what happened to you, I wouldn’t take anything you said as gospel, more like that choking feeling you get in the back of your throat when you walk into the toilets and some piece of shit has laid cable a mile long in the shitter and not flushed it properly, or wiped his hands and you’re looking at your own hand, you opened the door with and you realised there’s shit on it because the disgusting piece of trash didn’t even wipe or clean his hands.”

“I came all the way here to bring you in, and this is how you treat me, like the enemy! I didn’t think we were on bad terms when I checked out?”

“You and me were always on bad terms Linney, ever since we were kids, so don’t come here trying to act like you’re here to make amends for all the shit that happened when we were both in the land of the living and breathing, just tell me what’s the next step? Where do we go from here? Downstairs?”

Linney laughs, and walks out of the darkness, dressed in a dirty, torn, black suit, he smiles a bloody smile.

“Downstairs? There ain’t no downstairs Roc, there’s only one place we all go after we bite the big one, and it’s magnificent, you’ll love it, truest me.”

“Then why do you look like shit?”

Linney laughs again, “If I looked like how I do now, you’d never recognise me, so I dressed in the old meat suit for you, help you feel calmer with the next step.”

“What next step?”

“Well, it’s the hardest part of it all, the one that we’ve all got to get past before we can move on to the next stage,” Linney says as he places a hand on his shoulder and squeezes, “Roc, you’ve got to bite it.”

“What? I’m not dead yet?”

“Nah, not yet, actually, not by a long shot. That bitch, she’s keeping you alive, transporting you somewhere right now, where she’s going to keep you for a few weeks, maybe months and she’s more than likely going to torture the fuck out of you, just to make an example to everyone else not to cross her, and then, maybe, she might kill you, or worst case scenario, for you anyway, because hey, I’m already dead. Worse case, she might just toss you back on the street, and well, that opens up a whole other ball game. But let’s not talk about it, let’s talk about what we’ll do once you’re on the other side…..”

But Roc doesn’t here anymore of his words, as he stares off into the darkness, his mind trying to comprehend what is going on, and then he feel it, the pain, and light suddenly breaks through the darkness and he finds himself bound to a chair.



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