Day 138 – Bad Day V Bastard – Short Story

I snap the fucker’s finger, and pull the meaty, stubbly thing right off his hand and toss it onto the floor with the rest of them, he doesn’t scream anymore, the fuckers all out of screams now, but it doesn’t take away my enjoyment. He told me a heap of shit, more than I cared to know, all I really wanted was one name, the one who was behind all of it, seemed he thought I was grilling him for every other bit of information he ever knew, and couldn’t understand why I didn’t care. I cared, just not for what he had to say once he told me what I wanted to know, but I wasn’t going to let it end there, I wanted to make him remember this, and because he wasn’t like a normal person, he couldn’t die, meant I had more fucking fun with him.

Getting here was half the fun, getting to this moment, I still remember the look on Kildone’s face when he first saw me was priceless, he started spewing shit about how I should have stayed down there, how he was more powerful than I realised and soon he would be dining on my nuts, fat fuck didn’t expect me to be packing extra juice, he knew I was working for the devil, but he didn’t realise I was actually fucking enjoying it. I broke his neck then all fourteen of his ribs so the fucker made a sucking, wheezing sound every time he took a breath, I laughed so hard for a while before I broke the remaining ten ribs and both the fuckers legs, and then force fed him his balls and cock, shoved them in his mouth and made him chew, he cried for a while after that and then I started playing skin the fat fuck, but I just used my finger nails and ripped the skin off him that way. I didn’t realise until that moment how much rage I had built up inside and how much I wanted to make that fat fuck pay for everything he did to me. For thirty nine hours I played with him, just ripping a piece off here and there to remind him that I was still here, and then he stopped sobbing, stopped screaming and just sat there in his piss, shit and blood like I had a few months before, and then he looked up at me through his one good eye and smiled. I so wanted to wipe that fucking smile off his face, but I also wanted to know why, so I asked him, I mean there wasn’t much more pain I could cause him and he knew I’d eventually have my fill and just off him, so I sat down, offered him a smoke and asked the fat fuck what was so funny. He said I was and idiot, I drove my boot right into his nose, spread it across his face like a pancake and asked again. He said the devil was using me as his bitch, I ripped off his left ear and yelled into it that I was well away of that, he coughed and spluttered a bit and then after a fifteen minute wheezing fit, where he struggled to breathe, he told me the devil was a deceitful son of a bitch, his word was a lie and his contracts weren’t worth a piece of shit and I should prepare my arsehole for a hard fucking. I told him I didn’t care about no contract, this was about something else, this was about me making sure his fat fucking arse was taken care of permanently. He laughed and coughed up some sort of black mucous and had another twenty minute wheezing fit before he dropped the last dime. He said my signing the contract with the devil would leave my wife and kid stuck in hell, in my place. Apparently I didn’t go straight down stairs, I had just sort of drifted in the middle for a few months while they fought over me, seems the deal I made with the devil was a major trading card for him in his battle with upstairs, heaven and hell both wanted me and I signed to play for hell, so heaven paid some massive dollars to get him to sign me over to them. Part of the deal was my family, I was played, again, but I still had an ace up my sleeve, that fat fuck Kildone. My contract was done once that fat fuck went into the whatever after all this, so I buried him in a wide fucking hole and told him once I was done, I’d be seeing him again. And that’s how I ended up here, dismantling the devil, looking for a name, he gave it to me all right, he gave me the one who put my family on the plate, so I made the devil a new deal, one he couldn’t refuse, because he had no choice, he may be the king of lies but I’m the fucking king of pain. So now I’m off to kill the fuck who put my family in the pressure cooker, now, now I’m off to kill God.



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