Day 143 – Was It Any Good? – Short Story

“On the darkest night, spirits take to flight, coming for your soul, so watch out kids, young an old, because the beast will smell your sin,” he says proudly, she sits across from him, blinking a couple of times and stares at him. “Well, don’t just sit there saying nothing, what did you think?”

“Ummm, well…. It’s just…. I mean it’s…. It can’t… I think you need help,” she says, smiling awkwardly, as she twists and squeezes her fingers together.

“Besides that, did you think it was any good?”

“It’s not my sort of thing Kyle, I’m not into the weird stuff, you should ask Terry.”

“Fuck Terry, I’m asking you, was it any good or not?”

“Yeah, I guess so, I mean it seemed scary, and you told it really well. But, like I said, I just don’t really care for scary stuff.”

“Seriously, your just avoiding telling me it’s shit aren’t you?” he says as he throws himself onto the floor in a heap, and lets out a loud, and long sigh of frustration.

“No, honestly Kyle, it was good, really, but I’m just not into that stuff, honest to god, or whatever else you want me to swear to, it was good, really!” She says as she flops onto the floor beside him, grabbing him by his wrist and shaking them.

“You’re just saying that now, because you feel bad.”

“Of course I feel bad, I didn’t mean for you to take it the way you have and I feel terrible, it wasn’t the way I wanted you to take it, even though I knew you would. It was good, really it was, it’s just not my sort of thing, you know that. I mean, how long have you know me and how many times have I bailed on movie night because you pick some shitty horror?”

“Yeah I guess your right, maybe I should ask Terry, he’s into the same sort of style, it’s just, I don’t trust him as much as I trust you, I know you’d be honest with me, tell me if I was making a huge mistake. Terry, he’ll encourage you, even if he thinks it stupid, just so he can laugh at you later.”

“Well, ask someone else, ask that guy from the comic book store, the one who’s always wearing those death metal t-shirts, Thraxton, or whatever his name is.”

“You men Jaxon?”

“Yeah, that’s his name, Jaxon, ask him, he’s into this stuff, why not ask him?”

“Because he’s nuts, I only talk to him at the book store because if I didn’t he probably wait for me after work and beat the fuck out of me and then fuck my skull.”

“Come on, he not that crazy, he seemed perfectly normal to me when I met him.”

“You met him at an all-night rave, while you were half spaced on Xanax and PHP, of course he seemed normal. That’s probably why you sucked his cock that night as well.”

“I though you weren’t going to bring that up again?”

“You were the one who opened that can of worms, not me, I just pointed out why you would’ve though he was normal. Besides, I didn’t see you two hooking up after that night again, so there must be something wrong with him.”

“Well, the fact he’s old enough to be my father was the first thing I noticed, and anyway, we were talking about your story, not my dating habits.”

“You were the one who brought him up,” he says as he flashes her a wry smile.

“I know, and I regret it,” she replies, punching him in the arm. “Can’t we talk about something else, something interesting?”

“What else interesting is there? We’ve talked about everything else we ever could over the last few weeks, and, well, the longer we wait, the less time we have, so, if you don’t want to talk about my obituary what else can we talk about?”




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