Day 160 – Tears – 50 Word Story Expanded

“Run little man!” A voice yells from out of the darkness. “Run, but you won’t escape, I’ll find you and gut you like the pig you are!”

He feels the pain rip into his lungs, burning his throat, as he pushes himself forward, faster, harder, his stomach twists and turns, agony rips through him, sweat pours from his skin. This night, what was to be a celebration of his deeds, has fallen into decay, nothing has gone the way he planned, for all his grand schemes, his wants, his desires, he knows, his time is running out, and soon, he will face his judgement. He darts a panicked look over his shoulder as he continues to run through the deserted, arse ridden streets, of the once overpowering city, flooded with life, that is now a wasteland, a perverted nightmare, one that is coming for him, she, is coming for him. He sprints around the corner, slipping, sliding, losing his balance on the sludge covered concrete and smashes, headlong into a wall. For a few frantic moments he feels the world spin uncontrollably, black and white flashes invade his vision, ringing screams in his ears, and then, the shadows seem to dart towards him. He feels the pain, he sees her eyes, and he lets out a scream of terror. She pulls the blade back and thrusts it forward again, the knife tears into his stomach and he screams out in pain, “Does it hurt?” She asks, gripping him by the face, then begins to greedily lick up the tears that run down his cheeks, before shoving him backwards and laughing as he crashes to the ground in a heap. “Are you going to cry some more?”


“Don’t be foolish, this isn’t the time to ask, you pathetic screw ball, you think it’s all over, you think the night is just going to end and you’ll be back in your basement pulling your tiny cock to internet porn, or whatever weird shit you like to fondle yourself to,” she says as she straddles him and pulls his head from the ground by his hair, digging the blade against his throat. “Well, fucker, do you?”

“P-P-Please, just let…” she slices the knife’s blade across his face, he screams in pain.

“Please what? Please let me go? Are you fucking serious, are you really asking that!” She says, as she slices his other cheek open and then digs the blade into his shoulder, he screams out in agony.

“I’M SORRY!” He yells out.

“Is that supposed to make me forgive you? Did it work for me? Did you let me go? Should I keep on going, or should I just feed you to your maker!” She yells as she pulls the knife free and drives it through his left eye. “No, you kept me locked up in that cage for months, you piece of shit, meet your end!” He twitches uncontrollably as she twists the knife in his socket, and then, he goes still, a muffled gargling noise comes from his throat, and, for the first time in months, she allows herself a moment, to smile.




10 Replies to “Day 160 – Tears – 50 Word Story Expanded”

  1. Terrible…you set me up, intrigued, fascinated, engaged in the words and rushing toward conclusion and it left more questions in need of answers….the rest…where is the rest??

    Apologies for tongue in cheek starter…terrible is not intended as rubbish, but as an accolade needing more.

    At present I am uncertain who is antagonist and who is protagonist. The runner seems victim, but at the end it seems it is more revenge with the “victim” having a darker side pre-retribution. On the flip side the lady is not really selling her good side, if indeed there is one.

    Are we in supernatural, dystopian post apocalyptic suberbia….another parallel world, or something completely different? Excellent stuff!

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    1. Haha, thank you, I agree there is many ways this one can go, they could easily play either role, and I promise, one day, to part the clouds and give you the answers you seek in this one. The set up is already in my mind, and I will, when time prevails, return to this spot, and complete this one. πŸ‘

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      1. My pleasure Matthew. Writing is something I do quite a bit too. Primary reason I started blogging. In fact I often use here to throw out ideas and test what readers think. I so get what you mean about time though….sadly that is my personal antagonist…always stealing hours and laughing about it. I shall be keeping an eye out for the update 😊

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      2. I understand exactly what you mean, it’s my nemesis as well. Time is a thing, that we constantly wish for more of, but, if we did have more, would it change how we use it already? When I think about all the things I’d do with extra time, I wonder, would I really if I had it? Or would it be utilised as it already is, and the one day, when I have time, would still be used. Haha.

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      3. You have hit the nail upon the head of my own hypothesis. When revising….many moons ago…I used to ponder all manner of things I could fill time up with once the examination seasons passed. A summer of wild exploits and adventure teeming in japes and deeds. When the last full stop terminated that last question all those things were forgotten and the time was not used as efficiently as planned whilst burried in books. It seems we (or me at least) are hard wired to create future best use of time and mist poor at translating that into action. Alternatively, it’s a writers mind creating imaginary foils to defeat current boredom moments. Or maybe I just procrastinate all the time 😱

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