Day 162 – Alliances – 50 Word Story Expanded

“Can we really trust him? He’s like, our greatest enemy.” She says.

“I know, but the very world threatens to shatter itself into a million pieces, I don’t see that we really have any other choice.”

They look over to him, as he sits there, grinning proudly at them both. “What are you guys talking about?”

“How far we can trust you.”

“Oh, I like that, honest answer, does that mean we’re pals now?”

“What the fuck, you’re lucky I have…”

“Vanessa, don’t, we need him,” he says as he grabs her by the arm.

“Get fucked we do, have you forgotten what he did to Sonya and Carrion, we don’t need a piece of scum like that. Once we’ve served our usefulness he’ll turn, like he always does, and then what, he’ll kill one of us? Can you live with blood on your hand Gregor, when you could’ve done something about it before hand?”

“You know it’s not like that, but we don’t have any other choice, if Sandow gets his hands on the rings then everything we know will be nothing, can you live with that? We have a chance to stop him and we can’t ignore it, not just because of some bad blood between us all.”

“Bad blood? Carrion was my bother, Sonya was your friend, this piece of shit deserves nothing.”

“I hate to interrupt, but, you know she’s right,” he says.

“Shut up and stay out of this Colgrave, the grown ups are talking.”

“No I will not, not when you two are arguing over things that do not matter, not when the fate of the very existence of this world is at stake. Now, if I was able to put my feelings aside and come here to join you in your battle to stop Sandow, surly you should be able to put aside your feelings as well. Together, we can get to the final ring before he does, stopping this foolishness once and for all.”

“Are you fucking for real?”

“I am indeed, would I not be here if I wasn’t?”

“No fucktard, you misunderstand my question. What I said was, are you for real, and by that I meant, are you insane, off your tree, fucked up in the head? Because you’d have to be to think that you’re the big person here, putting aside your feelings,” she says, as she swings back around to Gregor. “Can’t you see what this demented freak is doing, he’s trying to play with our heads, stir up trouble, like he’s always done! He doesn’t want to help protect the last ring, he just wants to be a pain in the arse.”

“You never said you had the last ring.”

“That’s because it’s a fucking secret,” she yells, turning back to him, the smile that grows on his face says more than any words could. “Oh fuck.” She mutters under her breath.

“Oh fuck indeed,” he says as his eyes glow a fiery yellow, and his size beings to grow, his muscles tear through his clothing and then, through his skin, until it stands before them, its eyes, hot and burning, it’s skin, the color of charcoal infused with molten lava, it’s jaw as big a their heads and as strong as a bear trap, and it smiles. “Now, give me my ring!” Sandow growls.



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