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Day 174 – Car Of The Dead – 50 Word Story Expanded

“What makes you think I know what you’re doing here? I wouldn’t ask the fucking question if I knew, would I?”

“You came out with you’re gun blazing, so you’re expecting something, you stupid old jerk!”

“Rainer!” She says, slapping him in the arm, she looks over to the old man, staring down the barrels of the shot gun that’s pointed their way and smiles. “Mister Wilson, we’re sorry, honestly, we just, well, we just wanted to find somewhere private, you know, to fool around. We didn’t mean anything by it, really we didn’t, even if Evan is a jerk sometimes, he’s harmless.”

“Yeah, well, you kids should go find somewhere else to do your experimentation. I don’t put signs up for fun, my property, is my property, and ain’t none of you kids allowed on my land unless I say so, and I say no, so, get!”

“Of course, thank you, we’re so sorry,” she says as she grabs Rainer by the arm and quickly heads towards the gate.

“Yeah, thanks you freak!” Rainer says.

“What you say boy?”

“I said, thanks, YOU FREAK!”


“Leave it alone Sal, I ain’t letting that old freak act like he’s king shit, my Dad owns this town, and I ain’t going to…..” His words are cut off by the blast of the shot gun, he feels his bladder exploded in his pants, Sally jumps, letting out a squeal, and Mister Wilson holds the smoking shot gun, his face twisted with anger.

“The next one will be in your head boy, if you keep it up. Now you two get off my land!” He says, as he slides another two cartridges into the gun’s chambers. Rainer makes a mad dash for him, and they wrestle for control, after a few short moments Rainer manages to drive the butt of the shot gun into Wilson’s face, knocking him to the ground. Then quickly thrusts the guns barrels into his face, and smiles.

“Where is it?”


Rainer smashes him across the face, with a solid left punch, “If I have to ask again old man, your face will be history!”

“The shed, it’s in the fucking shed!”

“The keys?” He says holding out his hand. “Come on old man, everyone knows you never go any where without the fucking keys,” he says  shaking his open hand in Wilson’s face.

“You don’t know what you’re doing, it….” Rainer punches him again.

“Can it old man, just give me the keys!”

He slowly pulls the key from his pocket, and holds it out towards Rainer. “Don’t say I didn’t try to warn you, that car, it’ll be the death of you!”

Rainer stares at Wilson for a few seconds before grabbing the keys from him, “You’re one crazy old dude!” He says as he grabs Sally by the arm and drags her towards the shed.

“Rainer, maybe you should…”

“He’s just a crazy old man, it’s just a fucking car,” he says as he pulls open the door, the sun shines brightly off the hood of the black, 1971 XY GT Falcon, and for a moment, Sally could’ve swore she heard it growl, and all to late does she realise, it wasn’t the car, it was Wilson’s dogs.



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