Day 184 – Namesake – 50 Word Story Expanded

“We had a deal,” it says, if words could be anything in this place, his naked, shivering form stands before it, if he could cower he would, but his body does not answer his cries, for if it did he would be running now, far from this thing, far from whatever is about to happen.

“I tried, I did, but..”

“But nothing, I gave you back life, and you betrayed me, you twisted my words, my story, you tried to escape, and your family paid the price, more will suffer unless you do as I say.”

“I can’t, what you’re asking is genocide,” his mind screams, it laughs, and it’s eyes grow wider as it grips him by the throat with one of it’s large, clawed hands.

“Genocide, one of the words created by your kind, because of the things you’ve carried out unto each other in the name of your petty beliefs. But I don’t want genocide, I want he who bore forth all of us, I want he who made these limbs, this eternal heart, and I want him to pay,” it says as it thrusts him backwards, he crashes to the ground, into the soft, watery underneath that is the place in-between all.

“I can’t, it’s too late, so why don’t you just let me die? Find someone else to carry out yo….”

“YOU ARE MY TOOL!” It screams into the darkness, as the very ground beneath him vibrates with it’s power. “You will do what we agreed upon, you will do what I ask of you, or you will relive everything, over and over again, until you obey me, until you are broken. Do you understand?”

“NO!” his mind screams, for a few moments it stands there, looking at him, hunched over, as if it is ready to attack.

“Then, I will break you,” it says, everything melts away, and he leaps from his bed to his feet as he feels his phone vibrate in his pocket, his eyes dart around the darkened room while his heart beats furiously in his chest, slowly he pulls the phone from his pocket and answers it.

“We’re fucked,” he says nervously into the phone as Abby jumps from her bed and starts barking furiously at the door.


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