Where I Start & Where It Ends

A new addition to the blog is Where I Start and Where It Ends. The titles are pretty self explained, the Where I Start is the first few lines of what I am writing on the day, they will be between 2 words and 100 words, never more or less. And then late in the day, you’ll get Where It Ends, which will be the complete story. This will randomly rotate with 50 Word Story’s and their Expanded version, all the while Whispered Words will be somewhere in between along with, Rewind & Rewrite, early posts reworked a little and posted for your enjoyment.



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    1. Cheers, I may change the name, but it’s more to show I guess how I start a story.

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  1. ~M says:

    Love this idea! 😉

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    1. I’ll see how it goes, it’s just a derivative of the 50 Word stories but the beginning, however I start them.

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      1. ~M says:

        Still…. it will be good…. and a reminder to everyone that they’ll want to jump back on your page, later on in the day to catch up! 😉

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