Day 308 – Pale Fact – 50 Word Story Expanded

He grips the blade and thrusts it deep within her stomach, her eyes grow wide, her mouth, falls open, and quivers.

“W-W-Why?” She asks, he smiles and pushes the blade in deeper.

“Why not?” He replies, she grabs all the energy she has left and drives her head into his, sending him reeling backwards, he stumbles and falls to the ground, clutching his head.

“What the FUCK?” He yells, as his lip twists in anger. “I was going to take you quick, but now, I’m going to make this last, a very long, agonising time!” He yells as he scrambles to his feet.

“Grow up!” She hisses, as she easily breaks free of her bindings and catches him in mid-stride, thrusting him against the wall, her face twists and contorts, her eyes glow red, and her hair stands on end. “YOU DARE TRY TO TAKE MY MORTAL VISAGE!” She yells, gripping him by the throat, and ripping it from him. He chokes violently, as his blood gushes out, he jerks around wildly, all the while, she glares at him, and, as his life essence leaves vacates his cold, lifeless body, she opens her mouth and drawn it inside her, then drops his empty corpse.

“Fool, to think, you thought you were enough to better me.”

“That’s not exactly how it was planned, Jester got a bit eager is all,” a voice says from behind her, slowly, she turns around, twelve heavily armed men stand at the ready.

“Is this all for little old me?” She says, running a bloody finger around her deranged smile.

“Lady, when this is over, that smile, ain’t gonna be smiling.”

She laughs, “Do you not realise how stupid that line sounds?”

He raises a shotgun, “Wasn’t my intention to try and be intelligent, just stating a fact,” he says as he pulls the trigger.

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