Stay Within The Lines – Day Six

Monday used to mean something once upon a time, last week in fact. It was the beginning of the working week, jobs needed to be prepared for the week, boxes needed to be ticked, and rosters needed to be arranged for the various shops. All that ended for me on Tuesday afternoon, when I left my former workplace for the final time. A lot of things have traveled through my head since that moment, but none of it regret, I don’t regret any time I put into the work I did, I don’t regret any of the blood I spilt, or the sweat I dropped. I don’t regret one thing, not one, for without yesterday there is no tomorrow, and tomorrow is a brighter day for what I have become.

It’s been six days now since I joined the ranks of unemployed humans, six days is not enough time to get used to not having some ungodly job to do on someone else’s dime, but for someone who’s never really taken the time to wined down in the ten years, it’s a start.

Tine, our bitter rival, we fight against you constantly, with no hope of ever winning, we fight on, towards the horizon, in hope that one day, when we’re able, we can reap what we have built, of course by then, most of us are closer to being in the ground to enjoy it, so strive for your dreams, sacrifice your future, be who you wish to be, not who society judges you to be.

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