Stay Within The Lines – Day Seven

Today is about motivation, not starting new things, but continuing things started that have yet to be finished. Today is motivation to do something for myself, do something I want, life runs quickly past us, our time spent on our own ventures is little to nothing, when we’re young, life is before us, life is something to grasp, but, life gets in the way, things happen, work takes over, suddenly you’re old, you’ve done none of the things you wanted, you’ve done little for yourself. The years that come after will rush by, and then, where will the time be, where will your dreams be?

Life is ours to live, live it for your dreams.

Day seven, one week since I started this trip into unemployment, a tip I knew would eventually take place, a trip, I am now thankful for, I have come to grips with the change, I haven’t grasped what to do with it all yet. But, it’s going to be fun to find out.

Winds blow us down roads we never chose, we let it take us, without fighting, but the fight, the chance, to dream something real, to make it with your hands, to achieve, well, that’s a dream worth attempting, but, how many of us just dream and dream, and do little to make it reality?

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