Read – Red Dead Rain – Last Short Story From It’s Not A Normal Friday 13th 2021

A day like any other, yet unlike another... Matt He attempts to swallow the tirade of spit and phlegm that sticks in his throat once again, only this time violently coughing as it grips his throat even fiercer, desperately he looks up at her with blood shot eyes, which only causes her smile to grow …

Read – Taken To The Dog Wash – First Short Story From 2020 Book Twelve

Blades dance across the skin, take off my flesh and walk free without the weight of what is weigh me down... Matt Angelo takes a tentative step forward, only to meet its gaze with his own. “Nice doggy,” he says nervously as he holds his hands in the air. “I’ve been called many things over …

Read – I Wager His Forever Seed – First Short Story From Breadcrumbs To Madness 4

From the breadcrumbs left behind we built an empire unparalleled by all that was before... Matt Salvador reaches desperately out towards the ever-fading rainbow, void of any care and want. His eyes glassy, and brow moist. Carla glances momentarily up from the ships unresponsive control board and lets out a stuttered growl of disapproval before …

Read – See It Shine – First Short Story From 2020 Book Eleven

Dawn painted nothing new, it just retouched what was given before... Matt The diamond spins without fault or fancy above them, capturing the essence of their stare within it. “D-D-Do you think it kn-knows?” she says softly, gripping his hand tightly. “Do I think it knows what?” She rolls her eyes and looks at him …

Read – Hammer It Home – First Short Story From 2020’s End Of Year Collection

As the toll of totality chimes, the segmented drawer we keep all things worthy in decays with the passage of time we so desperately count, in hope of one day outliving it ... Matt She smiles, then picks up one of the small nails from the table and gently holds it against the bloody hand. …

Read – Thrice Upon A Mistake – First Short Story From 2018’s End Of Year Collection

The age of time, is not defined by the clock that sits on the wall, but by the weathered lines that crack and grow across thy skin... Matt “A facsimile of a lie is what you are Devon! Nothing more or less. Your existence began with a mistake, and so will that be your end!” …

Read – A Mouse Trap – First Short Story From 2020’s Christmas Collection

Once the world seemed full of magic, and then the world changed, but deep down, in the depths of places not seen, the magic never left, it only grew pungent with decay... Matt “There is no happy fat man in my story, there is only Yuri, and he is neither fat nor jolly. So let …

Read – Be Thee In The Rain – First Short Story From 2018’s Christmas Collection

When the facts were checked, and the lines crossed out, 2020 was a year not only wished to be forgotten, but a year no one ever wanted to revisit, 2018 however... Matt “If what you say is true, then we must change the outcome!” Spider laughs loudly and wipes the tears that run down his …

Read – Let My Sin Be My Fate – First Short Story From 2020’s Halloween Collection

I was once open to the concept of thought without barriers, but when I realised that my own thoughts were not my own, I knew that it was time to suck the leech from my skull and go it alone... Matt “Redemption is something I can never have, now that you truly know my name,” …

Read – Be Damned My Journey – First Short Story From Breadcrumbs To Madness 3

When the world closed, and the doors rusted shut, we never knew it was going to be the start of something more than just the end... Matt “Whimsical washings my dear, for there is no more,” he says with an awkward smile. “You just need to realise it was never going to go your way.” …

Read – Stay Classy – First Short Story From 2018’s Halloween Collection

When looking back, many people say 2018 was a far better year than this, so I dared the dream the impossible dream, but in that dream, I saw the horror that was, but still did I venture back... Matt Stay classy, what the fuck is it supposed to mean? I mean seriously, when some fucking …

Read – Sarcophagus Shaped Kisses – First Short Story From 2020 Book Eight

A witness to the deception that was shielded from my own eyes, told me of my misdeeds, and then, they were gone, and another secret was buried in the dirt... Matt “Fear is the answer, as well as the resulting display we are witnessing here. So if you are after a solution that doesn’t have …

Read – This One Is An Outie – First Short Story From 2020 Book Seven

Shimmer my wonderful beast, for the shine will one day be gone, so be glorious while you are a sight to behold, instead of old and insignificant... Matt “You sit outside the veil and judge us, treat us like we’re retards or something worse,” Henry says with a grimace across his face. “I never meant …

Read – A Plan With No Name – First Short Story From Breadcrumbs To Madness 2

The failed following of a faith was not my only sin, for the sin of self-copulation weighed heavily upon my sweaty brow... Matt Calhoon tightens his grip on the cash register and grits his rotten teeth. “IT’S MINE GOD DAMN YEE! I WAS THE ONE WHO TOOK THE ARSE WHIPPING FOR IT, AND I AIN’T …

Read – Reginald’s Lead – First Short Story From 2020 Book Five

As the walls between fiction fall, we see that the world we already had, was the world that we didn't truly deserve. Then, from the shadows of dust came the sound of a horn, calling for the end... Matt Reginald places his hands against his forehead and stares wide eyed at the ground, the overwhelming …

Read – He Who Dared The Climb – First Short Story From Breadcrumbs To Madness

And out of the madness came the insanity, and out the insanity came the spawn of tomorrow. Matt “Up, are you sure that’s what we should be doing?” “Of course I’m sure, up is the only way we can proceed. We can’t go down, the radar shows too many possible inaccuracies that it cannot account …

Read – The Infected Insects – First Short Story From 2020 Book Four – Then Download Book For FREE! (Limited Time)

I once thought that I could write something that had the ability to not only change my life, but the life of those who read it as well. Obviously I figured out it better to leave the life changing part to those more skilled... Matt “A pretty thing like you shouldn’t keep yourself locked away …

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