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A Mirror Of A Reflection Baited In My Mind

Chew the fat from my sides,

work your way into my insides,

make your bed,

fill my hole,



witches burn there too,

summoning the inevitable,

feeding the flesh,

circulating the poison,

taking the bait,

a destiny,

a desire,

for telling the future with a target on your back,

a tomorrow left undone,

a forever unable to turn back,

see the cup,

drink the sick,

take the trip,

silence beneath…

Within, Without, Nothingness

Wanting while waiting,

a perpetual voyage into the nothingness,

the mindless misery we call home,

a voice,

a void,

Suffering inside ones own self,

how can the mind lost within the place it only resides?

how can a mind die while it still live?

can it be found in time before the rot takes it all,

can the mind survive the rot?

can the world survive if not?

a void,

a voice,

an emptiness,

a mindless existence,

a tomorrow we will see yet never know..

One Hand To Choose From A Basket Of Insanity

Upon your finger is your doom,

unrelenting insanity calling you by name,

not only part of you,

but living within and outside of you,

a leech by any other name,

sucking the life from you very bone,


no apology,


no ideology,


this misogyny,

feel the breath of a thousand whores,

know that none of them are yours,

wish to take the pain away,

wish for this to be your final day,

replace the unending hate,

eat from the heavenly plate,

guide your path into the sun,

choose the ring,

lose the thumb,

this dance of insanity was only a preview of what is to come!

How Wooden My Intelligence Seems In Reflection

Simplify the radius of my hate with a forked tongue full of madness,

your dialogue has come from the same place as my own yet it seems more tainted than my own,

is it your lips that make the words sound of a different nature,

or is it the lies that spew forth from then that take the toll of insanity,

whatever the case,

however the depths they fall,

Inevitably there will be an ending to befall thy hands,

it’s only time and who it will be that is left to chance,

the rest,

all the in-between,

is mine and yours…

I Never Told You How Stupid The World Seemed Until It Cracked Like An Egg

Fields of dying weeds surround the thorn wearing queen,

the seeds sown were dead before they were planted,

in a world void of colour there can no other,

dying is just a disease invented by a hateful creator with jealousy in their eyes,

so why don’t you blow me world like your queen once did,

can’t you see her red lipstick kiss that still lays upon the tip of my dick?

or do you want to use your fists instead of your mouth?

pleasure or pain is all the same when you’re fuck up like me!

Reach Out, And Get Down

Salvations call beckons,

the soil embraces my cold flesh like an old friend,

the life that once flowed through my veins now drains out through the holes on my throat,

no resurrection,

no second chance,

I’m a son of man,

not a fictional character in an over exaggerated book,

but what if believing made it true?

would you let me be your Jesus?

do you believe in me?

do you need the faith?

do you need me?

then reach out,

reach out and believe in me!

now get down,

get down on your knees and believe in me!

Separation Of A Modern Pacifist

Destroy all that is with what could never be,

ignite the ignorance with fury,

deceiving oneself with lies told beneath thy skin so thick,

suffocating with asphyxiation,

my own hands tighten,

the world spins around me as the light draws away,

pain no longer mine to maintain,

virtue far from my grasp,

elevation of the human process,

freedom to be me,

freedom to be free!

Let The Unending Take Me

Precious moments lost in a lie engorged by time,

standing but in my mind I am lying down,

a world filed with the unstoppable,

tomorrow always a day away even if I don’t want to face it,

my wanting and need ignored by the world outside my skull,

perpetual movement of a life that was never my own to control,

life continued onwards,

towards the blessed inevitable ending,

an ending that will just not come!

My Life Made As A Stranger

Sanctimonious insults hidden in plain words,

the deceptiveness of your misconceptions interspersed your lies,

a sickness growing behind your eyes,

without indulging the curiosities of a wanton man,

fortune waivers,

endings crave for,

time no longer waits,

a world growing upon those insanity hates,

strangers made not born,

weavings of wickedness,

living to forgive,

forgiving to live,

made a stranger,

born into a lie!

Whispers Of A Former Lie

Twisted in your demise as you were twisted in life,

weathered hands around thy throat,

strangulating the life from within,

but your empty eyes held more than a soul,

it housed a house of pain,

a wave of torment flowed free,

a tornado of lost souls swallowed by the emptiness that filled your cup,

a darkness hidden until the end,

the bodies buried beneath our feet now haunt me,

as your bloody legacy passed in through my eyes,

the window to my emptiness that you overflowed with your darkness…