Day 112 Daily Prompt – The Roundhead Prelude 3 – Something Fierce

**This takes place after chapter one of The Roundhead and before chapter two**


“Dare to share? What the fuck’s that supposed to mean?”

“It’s like its slogan, you know, just do it, the taste of a new generation! Shit like that, you know, a catch phrase.”

“Okay, right, I get it now, dare to share. It’s what they want everyone to connect with their story, right?”

“Now you’ve got it sunshine, how long did that take?” She says as she leaps off the couch, a huge smile on her face.

“Leave it alone,” he says, faking frustration, badly, she grabs him by the back of the head and kisses him deeply.

“I still love you, even if you’re a bit slow,” she says, a smile beaming from her face like the midday sun on a sweltering afternoon, his cheeks go slightly red and he smiles awkwardly.

“So, where the hell did you find this?”

“Duh! Where have you been? It’s everywhere, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, fuck, it’s even all over the news on Channel Thirty-One and Sixty-Six,” she says as she pulls out her phone and quickly brings up her Facebook app, diving on top of him. “Look,” she says pointing to several shared images of the story.

“So what’s the deal? Is the story any good?”

“How should I know, you know I don’t like reading, it’s just, boring.”

“Give it here then,” he says as he tries to grab her phone from her, she pulls away and topples off of him and crashes onto the floor, flat on her back. For a few moments everything stops, neither of them move, and then she lets out a groan and he breathes a sigh of relief.

“Are you okay?”

“I’d be fine if you wasn’t such a jerk,” she says, pouting her lips.

“You suck,” he says as he throws a pillow at her, suddenly the lights flicker and begin exploding around the room until they are left in darkness.

“What the fuck just happened?” She says as she scrambles to her feet, the image of a baby giraffe learning to walk is one that he has used many times to describe her awkward, long legs and short body.

“It must’ve been a power surge, pretty big one too, if it knocked out the lights.”

“That didn’t just knock out the lights, it blew them fucking up, do you have a torch?”

“It’s in the middle draw, underneath the oven.”

“Not the sort of night I had planned, but no power leaves us little opti… DEREK!” she screams from the kitchen.

“What? What the fuck’s wrong?” he yells as he rushes into the kitchen, to find her standing in silence, staring at a small girl who stands a few feet away, her eyes closed, her skin, pale, grey almost and something that looks like blood, running from her mouth.

“Are you okay little girl?” Derek says as he slowly walks towards her, nervously reaching out, she looks up at him, her eyes open, soulless, black pools of nothingness stare into his soul.

“’As you travel along this road, everything around you will become slowed, as you watch the darkness sucks you into its wheel of hate, you’ll come to understand that this is much more than your fate, and the only light that you will see, will be at the end of your tunnel, but you’ll never be free!” She screams and then like the lights before, she flickers, and then, disappears.

“W-W-W-What the fuck was that?” Derek says, before they the smell hits their noses, the smell death, decay, rotting flesh, and then, a low, inhuman growl comes from something fierce behind them and they feel it’s warm, wet breath on their backs.


Fierce is today’s Daily Prompt



All artwork by Yazgar, check his stuff out when you can!

18 thoughts on “Day 112 Daily Prompt – The Roundhead Prelude 3 – Something Fierce

    1. I was shocked there was such a minor mistake in a story that caused me many a problem when I originally posted it. But, when I read over the story, to see where the mistake was, I realised you must have read the story via your email, not the page itself. When it was originally posted, the non edited version was accidentally posted, I say accidentally, because my thumbs are too big for my phones buttons and hit publish, instead of save draft. It was replaced by an edited version a few minutes later. But, that, of course, does not correct the email version.


      1. Is that through the reader? Sorry, it’s just a very odd thing, if I go to the reader it just shows the first few lines and makes me go to the page, which is the edited version it should be…. hmmm


      2. I suppose it could be captured in system cache but since this was the first time I viewed it (and you adjusted it beforehand) then it seems unlikely. I have a goofy meme I accidentally uploaded to my WP page and I can’t seem to get rid of it. The system could be a little more user friendly.

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