28 Days Until The End – Free – Daily Prompt – Wrapped In Words

Close your eyes,

and ignore the pain,


the eternal sleep,


for you are free,

released from this place,

 from your pain,

so close your eyes,

go on,

and go forth,

step forward,

step out,

where you end up,

heaven or hell,

will be measured by your life lived,

your payment,

your final judgment,

now scarred by my blade,

twisted in my darkness,

for I am the sinner,

and you are my victim.

This is for the Daily Prompt.

29 Days Until The End – Perception – Daily Prompt – Wrapped In Words



counting down,



deciding your fate,

your life,

my hands it sits,




look at the clock,

watch the hands,


moments leading to one place,

one design,

your timely demise,

so prepare yourself,

because nothing is what you can do,

for soon your time will run out,

and then I’ll be coming for you!

This is for the Daily Prompt.

Day 309 – Daily Prompt – True Horrors Await Me – Wrapped In Words

And as the beast rised before me,

I gazed upon it’s massive form,

and I knew true horror,

its teeth were many,

its eyes were black,

its skin was decaying,

its hands clawed,

and its stench,


it was overwhelming,

ano as it looked down at me,

it smiled,

how long I have waited it said,

the key to its salvation was found,

in me,

its destroyer,

or was I,

just it’s helpless victim?

This is for the Daily Prompt.