50 Word Story Expanded Daily Prompt Short Story

Day 142 Daily Prompt – Test – 50 Word Story Expanded

“I don’t know, should we really be down here?”

“Don’t tell me your scared?”

“What? Who, me? No way, I’m just saying, do we really need to be part of the Delta Chi’s?”

“Of course we do, if we aren’t part of a sorority we won’t get accepted. Anyway, you’re the one who talked me into this, remember?”

“I know, but that’s before I realised they still did this shit,” she says as she readjusts the nightlight strapped to her head.

“Say what? Am I talking to Sasha, or some brainless doppelgänger who’s taken over her life?”

“Don’t be like that, I know you warned me, I know, okay. But I thought with mum being a former member I would just breeze in, but this shit, this is…” she stops in her tracks as something splashes in the water up ahead, they both turn to each other, blinding one another with their lights.

“Fuck,” she says as she quickly turns away, her light passes across the tunnel walls, briefly shining on a dark, shadowy figure as it slowly creeps towards the girls, Sasha screams.

“Did you see that?”

“See what?”

“That!” She yells, shining her light where the figure stood, but there’s nothing in sight, except miles of dark, deserted tunnel.

“What did you see? What was it?”

“How the fuck should I know Clare, I only saw it for a second, and then it was gone, I’m going back, we’ll apply somewhere else, I-I can’t do this,” she yells as she turns and runs back down the tunnel, she can hear Clare calling her name, but continues to run. It’s only after several minutes that she comes to a stop, realising she no longer knows where she is, the unspeakable happens at that moment as her light flickers, and then, goes dead.

“Fuck, fuck, FUCK!” She screams as she stuffs a hands into her jacket pocket at pulls out a phone and a knife, but the uncontrollable shaking of her hands results with with them both slipping through her grasp and plummeting into the water below. “Shit!” She cries as she plunges her hands in the water, feeling desperately around for them, as she does, she feels something grab her shoulder, call it instinct, panic, or fear, but whatever it is, it takes over and she spins around, driving the knife into whatever it is.

The tunnel lights up, Sasha shields here eyes in surprise, it takes a few moments for them to adjust, and, as she lowers her arm she is confronted by the house leader Marisa and the rest of Delta Chi, then, she stares down at the quivering, bloody, Clare and drops the knife.

“I-I-I didn’t realise, I thought it was that, thing, I-I-I, my god, Clare, please help her,” she screams looking up at Marisa, tears running down her face.

“Don’t be a cry baby Sasha, you passed the test, you’re in. That’s what you wanted, wasn’t it?”

Sasha looks up from her blood covered hands, tears running down her face, “This wasn’t a test, it was murder!”

She laughs, “It’s only murder if they find a body, now, eat.”

Test is today’s Daily Prompt

You can read the original 50 Word Story HERE, I’d be interested in what you think of the full story that came from the short.

8 replies on “Day 142 Daily Prompt – Test – 50 Word Story Expanded”

Haha, I didn’t want to mess with it too much, I though maybe a cat, maybe sole homeless person, maybe it was a secret organization. But, none of that happened when I finally sat down with it. Glad you liked it.


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