Day 142 – Rewards – Short Story

“Please Norris, don’t do this, don’t listen to their words, I don’t want to be part of it all, I don’t want my family chosen, just let us go, please!” He yells, looking up into the eyes of the gigantic man who stands before him. His hands clench into fists, and his eyes tighten sharply, almost squinting, as he targets his prey.

“I’m sorry Sammy, but I can’t, you know what will come of it all, you know what it means to be chosen,” he says in a low, course voice, pulling back a fist, he fires towards him, driving the powerful left into Sammy’s head, sending him crashing to the ground, his eyes lifeless, his stare void, a pool of blood quickly forms beneath his head, and her screams break the silence. Norris turns to the woman who sits bound by her hands and feet like a wild animal not far from Sammy’s lifeless corpse, and he smiles.

“Don’t worry sweetheart, it’s going to be all over soon,” he says as he takes a step towards her.

“PLEASE!” she screams as he grabs her by the hair and pulls her to her knees.

“Please what? Don’t fucking think for a second you can please your way out of this shit, you and Sammy started all this, you both forced the hand, you made this choice easy, and I have to make sure I do it, or them things will, and if they do, well, you’ll suffer a lot more than what I’ll do to you, you know that don’t you?”


“I can’t do that, you know they’ll know, and then it will be me and mine who will pay, and I ain’t putting my family in danger, not for you, not today, not ever.”


“I fucking can’t!” he yells as he slaps a solid left across her face, sending her to the ground, her whole world spins around like a merry go round, her vision flashes in and out of focus as does her hearing. She tries to mutter words, but all that comes out is gibberish, and she feels Norris hands slowly close around her throat.

“I’m sorry, but, none of us have any choice, you know that, I wish to god I didn’t have to but if I don’t,” he says as he tightens his grip, squeezing her throat, she tries to suck in air, she tries to clumsily fight him off but, to no avail, and evenly, her lifeless hands fall to the ground and he release his grip.

“Bravo,” a voice from behind says, followed by slow, sarcastic clapping. Norris clenches his hands into fists, and stares to the ground.

“It’s done, I’ve punished the sinners, like it was mandated, like I was told.”

“And what a fine sheep you are, following the shepherds orders so well, so precise, you have done well Norris, you and your family should rest well tonight, knowing that they are chosen for the next cycle.”

Norris spins around, his body trembling, “No, I did what you asked, I punished the sinners, the non believes, please, not my family, I’ll do whatever you ask of me, but please, spare my family.”

“The choice has been made, this is a reward Norris, you should be happy, the next cycle is what we all, as a community work towards, don’t make the same mistake Samuel made, don’t make a choice that will only end in suffering.”

He unclenches his fists and his head drops towards the ground, and he falls to his knees, he feels Sammy’s blood soak into his trousers, and he looks back up into Father Jacobs’s smiling face.

“No suffering?”

“Norris, the next cycle moves us past suffering, and into the next phase, so don’t be afraid my son, for they are with us. Let them be your guide and you will know what lies out there, past what you see in your flesh suite, past what these eyes allow you to see, into, another world, one, where you will be rewarded.”



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