50 Word Story Expanded Daily Prompt Short Story

Day 156 – Daily Prompt – Candle – 50 Word Story Expanded

“I knew it was wrong,” he says, looking at his blood stained shoes. “But, the fucker deserved it.”

“Really? Tell me,” she says, he looks up, into her eyes, and swallows.

“He was a jerk, he wouldn’t let me in, he was big noting himself to all the girl, thought he was something special. But he bleed out, quick too, like all the others,” he stops and looks back down.


He sits there silent, his mind racing, he tightens his hands into fists, digging his finger nails into his flesh, he bites down on his lip and looks back up. “He wasn’t the first.”

“How many more?”



“That’s what I said, you asked how many, I said eight.”

“And, their bodies?”

“Gone, somewhere they’ll never be found.”

“Who were they?”

“Jerks, like him, they all deserved what I did, they were all scum.”

“Tell me about them?”


“Because, I want to know.”

He sits there, staring at her, contemplating his next move, his eyes dart around the room quickly, then, back to her, and he smiles.“Rosa, she was my first, I went through high school with the bitch, always acting like she was better than she actually was. Her family were nothing but gutter trash, but, she acted like they were royalty. I ran into her one night, while she was waiting tables at Big Bevs Tits and Arse, she’d lost her shine, but she was still pretentious.So, I waited for her shift to finish, poor bitch didn’t even see me coming. I took her down and dragged her back home, gutted the bitch under candle light, then, once I was done, I poured the melted wax over her, and it rushed into the holes I’d carved, and then, I fucked her.”


“Because it got me fucking hot.”

“And the candle?”

“I haven’t worked for six months, so, there’s nothing to pay the bills with.”

“What else did it make you feel?”

“Alive,” he says, with a broad grin on his face.

“And that’s why you did it again? For the thrill?”

He slams his fist onto the table, “This is not a psych evaluation, I’ve been to those, what do you want? Why all the questions? What are you hoping to achieve?”

“An understanding, that’s all, you got sloppy, I want to know if it’s because your ego became over inflated, of you just lashed out because you needed to, your cycle has become stalled, hasn’t it?”

“My fucking what?”

“Your cycle, the system you follow to select your kills, it’s obviously become stalled, and this Hermon Daniels, unfortunately bore the brunt of your anxiety.”

“What sort of cop are you? The gory details get you off? I’m not saying another word until you give me my phone call, I know my rights!”

She laughs, “Really? You think I’m a cop?”

Once again he stares at her silently, lost for words, “W-W-Who the fuck are y-you?”

“Finally,” she says, as she leans onto the the table. “It took you long enough to ask the one question you should’ve ask in the fucking beginning. Although, I’m pretty sure you’re not going to like the answer,” she says, with a wild, broad grin.


Candle is today’s Daily Prompt.

You can read the original 50 Word Story HERE.

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