Day 115 – New Tides – Short Story

“What does it take to make things work better when they really should just end, it’s a complex question that many people have asked, wait not only asked but attempted to happen, I know how this sounds, it sounds like a confession, but it’s not, because I have nothing to confess to, but if you want the truth, otherwise, don’t ask the question,” he says as he leans back in the seat smiling.

She quickly and nervously grabs a recording device from her bag and sits it on the table between them, “Is it okay if I record this?”

“Do what you want honey, like I said, I’ve got nothing to hide if you want some answers.”

She smiles a nervous awkward smile and he laughs. “Don’t be so nervous pretty lady, I’m not going to bite you, unless you want me to of course?” He laughs hysterically as he sees all the blood drain from her face. “Relax, and just ask your god damn questions,” he says.

“How old are you?”

“That’s a bit personal isn’t it, how old are you?”

“Twenty-seven,” she replies quickly, he chuckles before letting out a huge sigh.

“Five hundred and seventy-seven, or eight, or it could be six hundred and seventy-six, I’m not sure anymore but, it’s a hell of a lot older than your twenty-seven.”

“How were you turned?”

“By an exotic dance named Gabriella, she was double joined in all the right spots and wanted to make me her love slave, but it turned out the other way, she became mine and eventually, I tired of her and left to explore more of the world.”

“Where were you born?”

“In a little town called Vosavia,” he replies as he leans across the table, pulling his dark glasses down. “Now honey, I’m not one to tell people how to do their job, and seriously, you don’t need to pay any attention to what I’m about to say, but a little bit of personality would go a long way, you see I’ve met many people on my travels, some great, others not so great, but if it’s one thing I know, personality, it seals the deal every time.”

She laughs nervously, “I’m sorry, b-b-but, you have to admit, you are very i-i-intimidating,” she says.

He laughs, “Honey, I’ve built everything I am on how intimidating I can be, but right now I am relaxed, what with the world knowing of our existence now, I see it no need to hide in the shadows, it is a new age, one of acceptance, your people have allowed sexes of both genders to marry, to raise families as parents. You allow people of different skin colour and ethnicity to marry and breed, my god, you allow people to get parts of their body attached or detached and change their gender, or people to publicly expose their sex lives and became famous. To me it was only inevitable that us creatures of the night would eventually be part of your world, not only in story but in fact.”

“How many people have you murdered, sorry, turned or drank from over the years?”

“Hundreds my dear, and yes, murdered is such a vile word, I have survived, like you do off animals, that is how we survive, your blood, it feeds our inner workings, it is our elixir,” he says with a smile, and then it slowly fades as she now shows no signs of nerves, and her smell, seems different, harder, and her eyes become sharp and precise, he had become too comfortable and has no time to move as the blade tears through his neck and severs it from his shoulders, she gets to her feet and slams her fist into the air, along with seven others, one who wields the sword.

“Death to the vampires, death to the killers, death to all who are not of our path, so it has been said, so shall it be!”



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