Day 115 – Red Pants – YouChallenge Short Story

“I do not believe you Sharon, you’re making it all up!” she says as she pulls the pillow up towards her face, then slowly looks over the top of the pillow, at Sharon. “Is that what really happen?”

“It’s true, I heard Mum and Dad talking to Uncle Steven last night, apparently that’s how he got Sarah, his girlfriend pregnant.”

“No way, it can’t happen like that, what about the stork?” another girl says.

“It mustn’t be true, it can’t be, Dad was pretty adamant that if Steven hadn’t been thinking with his doodle, he would have never got her pregnant, it sounded like a really horrible thing, but he tried to talk Dad into the idea, he kept saying how he loved Sarah, but Dad just laughed.”

“I want to know what it’s like, I mean, how does it like, go in and all, it looks so floppy.”

“Apparently it gets harder, like really hard so it can be like, pushed inside, you know, the other hole.”

“What? No way?”

“It’s true, that’s what I heard.”


“She’s telling the truth,” another girl outside the circle says, she holds her doll and gently combs its hair, before looking up at the other three girls. “It goes hard and they push it inside, until it injects us with seeds and they grow into babies, and we end up having to push them out of our inside.”

One of the girls scream and another passes out, and Sharon sits there staring at her, her mouth open and a blank expression on her face, “How do you know?”

“I saw my brother Liam do it to his girlfriend,” she says as she looks back down at the doll.

“What did it look like? Was there blood?”

“Why would there be blood?”

“My Mum told me to tell her the day blood starts dripping from my other hole, I was just wondering if it’s normal.”

“Why would blood drip, from your other hole?”

“I don’t know that’s just what Mum said.”

“That’s weird, your Mum’s weird.”

“Is not!”

“Is too!”

“Take it back Nancy!”

“No way, she’s weird just like you, who bleeds from there other hole? Gross!”

A knock on the door freezes them in place and Sharon’s mother pokes her head around the corner.

“Are you girls okay? I thought I heard some screaming.”

“We’re just playing Mum, nothing’s wrong,” Sharon replies with a smile.

“Well, if you need anything just call out,” She says as she goes to leave.

“Mrs Fletcher, can I ask a question?”  Nancy asks.

“Of course dear what is it?”

“Why would blood come from the other hole?”

“Sorry?” She asks as her face goes red.

“Sharon said you told her to tell you when blood comes from the other hole.”

“What, I think maybe that’s something for your mother to answer, how did you ever get on to such a subject?”

“Well, we were talking about when a boy puts his doodle inside you it makes babies and Sharon asked if there was any blood, and I said no, and asked why.”

“Forget I asked.”


The challenge was, ‘teenage girl sleepover.’

6 thoughts on “Day 115 – Red Pants – YouChallenge Short Story

  1. Trust me we went thought this long ago
    My daughter knows everything she’s only ten
    Listen it’s not like when I grew up
    I learned fast
    My mother let me read playbook
    Before comic books
    But still this is a whole new ball game
    And the rules went out the door
    Long ago
    The Sheldon Perspective

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  2. Men can not guess what teen age girls talk about at sleep overs ! . It is definitely not about getting pregnant , most have started menstruation , so it is not a surprise. They talk about pimples, dressing up , who got best grades, how to be a head girl……boys and babies are not on their list. ” I hate Calvin ” stage lasts longer for most susies…..;-)
    Interesting to read a man’s guess….

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