Day 122 – Sideways – YouChallenge Short Story

“So Sammy comes into the room and says, ‘hello nurse’ and then proceeds to try and dry hump all of the actresses who were there to audition for the roles of the triplets, before we even had the chance to get in and find the right girls, the right way. So just picture it, there I am, trying to quickly work my way through the applications so I can make sure I get something good and Terry is out there trying to fight Sammy off the girls, because she knows, once Sammy gets hold of them they’ll be worthless. That’s when I hear someone scream from the other room, so I run out to see Sammy standing there, his twelve inch cock hanging out, with Terry of all people slobbering over it. I grabbed Terry by her hair and tossed her into my office and told Sammy to get out, he waved his cock around, towards the girls like it was a flag, and said he was doing a live show in twenty minutes and the more girls the merrier. Half the girls ran out the door behind him, leaving their wet patches and I was left with these three,” he says as he nods towards the three girls.

“Does it worry you that none of them look anything remotely alike, and the script calls for triplets?”

“Sometimes you’ve got to ask the viewer for a little bit of leeway, this is one of those moments, but honestly, porn doesn’t really matter, people don’t care for the story, they just want good, wholesome, fucking, as long as they have good in and out bits, no one cares.”

“This isn’t what we started this company for, we said we were going to be different, stories, acting, and then fucking, now, it’s like you don’t even care, you just want money and nothing else.”

“That’s not true, we started this with one vision, and sure, over the last few days it’s changed a little, I mean, seriously, have you seen how fucking stupid some of these people in this industry are?”

“It doesn’t matter, we said we were going to change it all, make it worth something, maybe even do some legit movies, now your just throwing anyone who’ll open there legs and suck cock in front of the camera, I-I-I, it’s just not what I envisioned us  doing, that’s all.”

“I promise, once we have all this shit down, once we have a system, and a good assortment of good, smart, intelligent, actors, we’ll do what we planned, but right now we’ve got to work through the dumb ones, just to begin with, okay?”

“Okay, fine, let’s just get started and we’ll pick it up later on, when we’re not so, busy,” he says as he looks over towards the girls. “Okay everyone, we’re going to go from the top again, so can you all get in your places!” he yells out, as he looks through the camera lenses. “And ACTION!” he calls out, he moves the cameras lens up along the candle and captures the stone walls of the dungeon in the candles flickering flames, the three naked girls lay shackled against the wall as a chainsaw crashes to the floor, covered in blood and the dirty, blood covered man drops his pants.

“Who’s first?” he growls.



The challenge was, ‘the flickering flames illuminated the dungeon.’

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