Day 122 – Foot Hold – Short Story

The ground cracks open like an egg, and a thick, hot, red substance pours out from within and runs down the valley, burning through whatever gets in its way, leaving only a trail of ash behind it. Slowly it makes it’s way towards the motionless body of Ricky Darville, as the liquid hits his body, it doesn’t burst into flames, he doesn’t jump in the air screaming in pain, and it doesn’t turn him into ash, instead, Ricky opens his deep, red, molten lava eyes and slowly raises himself to his feet. He looks down the valley, towards the small town of San Dumarce and smiles to himself.

“Daddy’s come home my little pets, soon we will all be wriggling and writhing in ecstasy as we make the next coming of your god!”

“Get out of him!” a voice growls, he turns to face a naked woman, she holds up a cross, her face twisted in anger, he runs his eyes up and down her body and smiles.

“Drop it child of Eve, you need not care for what is about to be done.”

“I care because I am not like you demon, I am a protector of this world and all who reside in it, you will go back to where you came from…” he is quickly at her, he knocks the cross away and grabs her by her throat and pulls her close.

“Shut up, do you know how many times I’ve heard pathetic wenches like you blabber on about the word of god, this and that and the other. Shit that I could not give a good god damn about, shit that means nothing to me, you are just another whore who needs something inside her otherwise she does not know how to feel, when it’s not a hand or a cock it’s god, jazzing up inside your sweet pussy. Well honey, I’ve got a something that can fill you up inside and then some, the junk on this piece of trash may not be my usual style but this ain’t my usual trip. That town down there, there’s a bitch by the name of Susan Everton walking around, acting like this place is hers, but it’s not and you’re going to help me see to it that she understands who really holds the power around here.”

“N-N-No, I won’t help you!” she screams, he buries a finger deep inside her and she moans loudly as she orgasms on his hand, he bites deeply down onto her left nipple and licks all the way to her mouth, where they kiss passionately.

“That’s just a starter, you help me and I’ll give you the main meal, you see child of Eve, I know what you want, I know what pushes your buttons, so don’t try to fool me. I’m here not just for Susan, I’m here to soil you with my kind, you will bring into this world the next coming, the next antichrist, all you’ve got to do is bend the fuck over and I’ll do the rest of the work.”

She bends over and press herself against him, “Take me then, make me yours.”

“Like I said, I’ve got to…….” He stops mid-sentence as he feels pain unlike anything he has ever felt before, he lifts his hand into view as it disintegrates in front of him. “What the fuck?”

“Not what, but who!” She says as he looks up, staring down the barrel of a shot gun, “Don’t worry honey,” she says. “What I’m about to unload inside of you will make all the pain go away!” she says as she pulls the trigger.





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