Day 121 Daily Prompt – Sandwich – 50 Word Story Expanded

“This is it, this is the one,” he says as he slams the sandwich down in front of her.

“Sure, like you haven’t said that at least fifty times in the last three days.”

“This time I mean it.”

“You’ve said that as well,” she replies as she rolls her eyes in their sockets.

“Just try it, trust me, this one will take out first place for sure, and then, we’ll be set for life.”

“It’s just a sandwich competition for christ’s sake Jeremy, it’s not like they’re going to pay you a millions for it. The winner just gets their sandwich on the menu for a few months, that’s it, you spaz.”

“Trust me, this sandwich will turn heads, fill stomachs, and most importantly, be our ticket out of this hole!” He says as he shoves it in her face. “One bite, I swear this is the last time, if it isn’t as good as I know it is, I’ll stop.”

“Okay, okay, but this is the last time, after this, I don’t want to hear about this stupid competition again?”

“I promise,” he says as she takes a bite and begins to chew, her eyes grow wider and wider, her cheeks glow as blood rushes into them and her heart pumps faster and faster in her chest. “Its good right? Best sandwich you’ve ever tasted?”

“This isn’t a sandwich, this is two pieces of bread with heaven shoved between them! How did you, a never has been, come up with a filing so mouthwatering?” She asks as she takes another enormous bite.

He smiles as he leans in towards her, “First, I cut Jerry’s throat.”

Her mouth drops open, “Y-Y-You k-k-killed Jerry?”

“I know, I know, it was an accident, bu….”

“How in the hell do you make an accident like that? For fuck sake Jeremy, what the hell are we going to do?”

“It’s okay, no one needs to know, we just don’t say anything and if we’re asked we act like we don’t know anything, in the end it will seem like he just took off.”

“Are you insane? Do you really expect me to lie to cover your arse? I won’t be a part of it, I just won’t,” she yells as she throws the sandwich onto the table and rushes to the sink, grabbing a glass and filling it with water. “I can’t believe you Jeremy, I just can’t,” she says as she greedily swallows the water and fills the glass again.

“Mickey, you’ve got to understand, by the time I realised what I’d done it was too late, and I didn’t want to waste the meat. So I did the only thing I could think of, and really, what better way to dispose of the body, than sticking it in the mix,” he says as he stares at the half eaten sandwich, before looking over at his wife.

“You could’ve at least told me before I had a fucking bite, you jerk!”

“I know, but you would’ve tried it, and I needed you to,” he says as he walks to Mickey’s side and clutches her hands in his. “I’ll throw out the rest of the mix, I’ll make a new one, I’ve got the formula now, it’ll be okay, I promise. You just have to keep this one little secret for me.”

The door to the kitchen crashes open and a little girl runs in, tears streaming down her face, “Mummy, Mummy,” she yells, grabbing her Mickey by her legs. “I can’t find Jerry, he’s not in his cage, you have to come help me find him, he might be hurt or worse,” she says, Mickey looks at him, as she strokes her daughters hair, he feels her anger rip at him like a knifes blade.

“It’s okay honey, I’m sure he’s fine, lets ALL go out and see if we can find him.”



You can read the original 50 Word Story here, I’d be interested in what you think of the full story that came from the short.

Sandwich is today’s Daily Prompt

8 Replies to “Day 121 Daily Prompt – Sandwich – 50 Word Story Expanded”

    1. Haha, there is a lot of different genres throughout the blogs life, but no matter what, I always try to get a twist in there somewhere. Thanks so much for taking the time to have a read of some of the blogs earlier works.

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