Day 123 – Right Hook – Short Story

“It’s not about whether you think you can do it, it’s about if we believe you can,” he says with a smile as he slaps his son, Theo on the back.

“That makes no fucking sense at all old man.”

“Of course it does, it makes the only sense, it’s not you winning this fight that matters, it’s getting the people, us, everyone out there, getting them to believe you can win, if that happens, then you’re halfway there.”

“How the hell does that make any sense, halfway there? I’m nowhere there,” he says as he launches himself up from the bench and starts throwing jabs into the air as if he was fighting an invisible opponent, he ducks and weaves, throwing a few more punches before he turns back to his father and begins to bounce from foot to foot, looking at his father the whole time. “The only way I’m going to beat him, is to be faster than he is, know what he’s going to do, and to outsmart him, no amount of people believing in me is going to make any of that easier.”

“You’ve got the right idea, but you need to come at it from a different angle, you see it’s all about outsmarting him, you’ve got that right, but you don’t need to outsmart him in the ring, you just need to get him off balance. You get him there and then you have a better chance of taking him down, he’s all about the people, the money, the talk, you get him worried that you’re good enough to put it down and he’ll make mistakes, he’ll start to doubt himself, and he’ll leave himself open for you to sneak in and take him down.” His father says enthusiastically.

“A guy like Wheatland ain’t going to let some other people’s opinions matter to him.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, trust me, you go out there and you ooze confidence, you get the people behind you, you don’t show any fear and he’ll start worrying, he’ll start making sloppy mistakes and you’ll have the chance to take him down and remove his crown, you just got to believe boy!” his father says with a big grin on his face.

“You’re crazy old man!” he says as the doors open and three men walk in, “It’s time kid, you ready?”

“I guess,” Theo says.

“No guessing, you’re either ready or your dead, either way, Wheatland will mop the floor with you, so don’t get too excited, not like your old man.”

“Fuck you Leroy, my boy is going to put that sack o’shit in his place!”

“Sure, and right after the show, Britney Spears is going to realises I’m the one she truly wants to be with and she’ll drop the restraining order. In other words, it ain’t going to happen, so move it, everyone is waiting!” he says as they lead them out of the change room, down a hallway, and out into the arena. As they head out towards the ring, the people cheer and scream, Theo feels the nerves kick in and he looks to his side and his father smiles and squeezes his shoulder and leans in to his ear.

“Remember son, ooze confidence, and you’ll win this fair and square, and if it helps, I drugged the fucker too!”



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