Day 123 Daily Prompt – Stump – 50 Word Story

“Oh my god, y-y-you cut it off, you fucking cut it off!” He yells out in agony as blood spews from the stump where his arm once was.

“I warned you Kevin, I told you what would happen if you touched her again, what I’d do to you,” she says.


Stump is today’s Daily Prompt

Go HERE for the 50 Word Story Expanded version of this story, or, if you’re feeling game, try to extend it yourself….

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  1. He can’t say she didn’t warn him!

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  2. Ah, see what you did there …

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  3. luckyjc007 says:

    He definitely made a believer out of Kevin!


  4. I expect it served him right…


    1. I’m sure we’ll find out when I sit down and see where it goes from here.

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      1. You get around to following up your stories? that’s impressive.

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      2. The 50 word stories are designed to be something on their own and then, something more later, they have to be expanded, it only feels right.

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