Day 123 Daily Prompt – Stump – 50 Word Story Expanded

She spins the baseball bat in her hands like a baton, and slowly walks around him in a circle, “I fucking warned you Kevin, you should’ve stayed away from her, you should’ve listened to me. Now I’ve got to break some bones, I’ve got to teach you a lesson about listening.”

“What? are you off the boat? I haven’t gone anywhere near the bitch, not since she went running to you anyway. So why don’t you just fuck off before I teach you a lesson of my own,” he says with a wry smile.

“Bullshit, she told me what you did, what you made her do, you scum head,” she says as she swings the baseball bat at him, he swerves and ducks, she swings again, this time he pivots and jumps, the third time however, he’s unprepared for the backhand swing she surprises him with, and the hollow sound of wood hitting skull reverberate throughout his head as Kevin crashes to the dirty, wet concrete footpath in a heap, his whole word spinning. She grabs him by the hair and slams his head into the ground not once, but twice, then digs a knee into his left arm, pinning it to the ground. “You made me do this, all you had to do was be cool, understand the message, so don’t go running to anyone and telling them who did this, otherwise I’ll let everyone know what you really are!” She yells, he catches the light reflecting of the metal blade, he feels it connect as she brings it down, onto, no, not onto, into his arm, the pain shoots through him, and he screams as she winds up for another chop, which is quickly brought down. His body begins to burn, as if she had set him on fire, the pain from his arm is all consuming, and, as she gets to her feet, releasing her hold on his arm, the pain intensifies. He looks over to the bloody mess, at his hand, which lies severed from his arm, a few feet away.

“Oh my god, y-y-you cut it off, you fucking cut it off!” He yells out in agony as blood spews from the stump where his arm once was.

“I warned you Kevin, I told you what would happen if you touched her again, what I’d do to you,” she says.

“You didn’t say you’d cut my fucking hand off you crazy bitch, you said we’d have words!”

“I warned you, that was enough, now, go, you slimy maggot, before I cut something else off, that will upset you even more!”

He slowly struggles to his knees, and hugs his arm, as he frantically tries to grasp the situation and what he should do.

“For fuck sake Kevin,” she says, knocking him to the ground. “If you sit there you’re only going to bleed to death, you fucktard,” she says unhooking his belt and quickly looping it around his arm and tightening it, then pulls him to his feet. He looks at her, his eyes glassy, confused, lost almost, she grabs his hand from the ground and shoves it into his chest. “Don’t just stand there brainiac, go, take your fucking slimy hand and go, before I change my fucking mind.” she shoves him backwards and he stumbles out on to the road and off into the darkness, “Fucktard,” she says as she pulls her mobile phone from her jacket as it vibrates incessantly with purpose, signaling an incoming  call, she smiles as she looks at the number and places the phone to her ear. “You timed it well, I just finished talking to the local handyman Kevin… Yeah, Kevin, the touchy-feely guy from the bar, the guy who couldn’t take no for an answer… Scott? Who the fuck is… Oh shit,” she says as she looks out, into the darkness. “I’ve got to go… Why? I just chopped Kevin’s fucking hand off that’s what!”



You can read the original 50 Word Story here, I’d be interested in what you think of the full story that came from the short.

Stump is today’s Daily Prompt

12 Replies to “Day 123 Daily Prompt – Stump – 50 Word Story Expanded”

    1. Very rarely do stories find themselves revisited here, choosing to offer snippets, glimpses of moments than having the blog overtaken by one single story. Of course as the months went on, that changed dramatically.

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