What Sights We Have To Show You… Welcome To Month Five

Welcome my friends, let us take a seat, as I have many words to tell you and only time for some of them to sink into your wretched skin…

Is it true, have we really managed 123 days of mayhem and insanity?

Yes, yes it is true, somehow I’ve managed to fight my way through this journey that has, at times, become more of a monster than any of the stories I could ever hope to write.

So, without too much fucking about, what are the things you should expect to see from this point on as we move into September and towards October….

First things, first….

ROUNDHEAD is coming, ROUNDHEAD is coming!!!


With the preludes almost halfway through, and the beast itself making a surprising cameo in a 50 word story, we are of course dragging our heels terribly well, as we try to build the excitement and frustration, for our October 25th release of the first Roundhead chapter, which by the way, all these preludes take place after, not before, and then on the 26th Chapter Two will wrap up all the insanity of the preludes in one nice box, and drive you all the way until the 31st, for a Halloween ending of insane proportions. So if you haven’t had a look, you can find preludes

Prelude One HERE

Prelude Two HERE

Prelude Three HERE

Prelude Four HERE


Prelude Five HERE

And once you’ve done all that, the sixth prelude is released tonight, I hope…

I know, a lot of fucking work just to be a prelude, but it all helps you hit the floor running, without hitting the door.


YouChallenges will continue as a Wednesday only thing, while the idea of doing more is there, I’m finding challenges that are more on the spot situations instead of, oh, I’ll do that one when I get inspired, which, in some cases is a month or more. eyes2

So, instead we’re going to attack your senses you with more 50 Word Stories. I know, they seem to have become a mini addiction of mine, one that’s causing me no end of torment, as I’m adding them to the list, but, strangely, outside the normal days challenge. That may change eventually, but for now, you’ll get a 50 Word Story in the morning, and then, sometimes in the evening, you’ll get a 50 Word Story Expanded version. I think, these work, I’m not sure, what do you think? I am enjoying them anyway, so you’ll see more, and, as always, you’re welcome to expand any of the 50 word shorts if you like. Above, is the first attempt at a 50 Word Story, called Eyes.

Thirdly… Or, if you like, Lastly….

Sometime during the last month I was presented with an award from a fellow blogger, upon reflection of it, I realised the opportunity to do something more with this monthly blabbering moment of insanity, something like sharing with you a gimps of the world around me, so each month I’ll share a few blog posts for blogs I follow, posts that I enjoyed over the last month and think others should read, not that others aren’t, but really, just so I can say aloud, to my readers, this was great. I don’t really know how many just yet, and honestly, don’t care it’s my space to use as I like, so if I want twenty, I’ll post twenty. Anyway, without any more pissing around, I’ll say welcome to month five, now, lets strap on, or strap in, and enjoy the ride….

Blog post I’ve really enjoyed over the last month.

Boston’s Bad Day

This story, it, was awesome, really raw, gripping, a fantastic tale.

When I Get You Alone

I really liked how this one dragged you in with the imagery, the feel, great stuff.

The Year Of Heddagth – Chapter 1

I know it’s older than the last month, but you really need to get on the ground floor, well, not really, you can enjoy each piece separately, but, the story calls you to read it from the start!

Me and Buzz and Skinny Dipping!

This story, was awesome, it just drags you in, forcing you to want more and more, worth a read.


A tale handled so well that you would think this was the writers bread and butter, a first smash attempt at the thrilling genre, I’m sure we’ll see more.

The First and the Last Chapter One: Morning

An adventure into a world of medieval fantasy, with darkness and light, you can taste the blood, feel the pain, a great read, get on now if your into this sort of shite!

Wicked Grin – Chapter 9: The Vampire Urge

A brilliant read,  read them all, but read this first or in order, but it doesn’t matter, because once you read one, you’ll read the rest, great stuff!


By chance I came across this blog, and I was happy I did, the beginnings are always so interesting to watch, and what a great one this was.

The Line For Cock Starts Here

Way too many I like here, if you enjoy a bit of wrongness, you’ll really love this!

The Other White Meat

So much to look at over in The Deadman’s Tome, and this one was a stand out!

So, there we have it, 10 blog posts that I really enjoyed over the last month, and there are plenty more, more than I can remember, out there to read, I’ll make sure, next month, to post another bunch of great stuff, until then, keep weird, and if you have a great blog post, smash it in the comments and I might throw it in next months list, unless it sucks, and then well…..


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