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Day 126 – Bad Day IV From Below – Short Story

When the grenade went off I thought it was all over, but I was satisfied that taking Kildone, that fat fucking prick with me was a choice thing to do, fucked if I’d be going down there on my own. The grenade ripped through the fat fuck like a water balloon hitting its target, he just burst, and then it tore into me, the pain only lasted a second and then it was all over, things were a blur of nothingness for a while and then suddenly he was standing there, in the dark, looking all schmick and cashed up. He smiled and his dirty fucking teeth gleamed in the darkness like neon lights above a whore house, and he offered me a deal, said a man like me, with my skills would be useful to his establishment. I told the stupid fuck that he could go suck his own cock if he had one, and if not, to grow one and suck it, I was done with the shit that got to me down here, so he could just forget it and just throw me on the punishment train and I’ll take my lickings. He laughed and said that’s not the sort of answer he likes to hear, and then offered me a deal that he said I couldn’t refused. I told him to fuck himself again, this time with toys. He laughed again and said if I work for him for twenty years, and to trust him when he said this, that twenty years go quick down here, he would help facilitate my transfer upstairs, when I could be with my family. I’ve never been one to believe in heaven or hell, but to know my family earned their place upstairs made me smile. I told him I can smell bullshit a mile away and he’s full of it, after all isn’t he the king of lies. He took that remark badly and my whole body was one big ball of pain, he talked trash for a while before he laid a contract out in front of me and said it was bound and signed by upstairs themselves, he made the remark that he wasn’t the only interested in my skills. I still told him to go shove it, and that’s when he said it, that’s when he had my undivided attention. It seems that piece of shit Kildone had orchestrated a break out and he and a few hundred of Hell’s finest had made their way back to the middle ground as he called it. He said he’d give me whatever I wanted as long as I removed each of the souls from existence, permanently, but he didn’t need to continue crapping on, I had signed the contract right after he mentioned Kildone’s name.

So, that’s how I ended back up here, tracking down the Lord of Hell’s escaped convicts, and his twenty years, what a joke, it’s taking me three weeks to wipe out two hundred and seventy-six of the stupid fucks, I’ll only need another week if that. You see, Kildone, he’s a good talker, but it’s always the vomit of society who listen, like the vermin he surrounded himself with from down there, the scum who escaped with him, pieces of trash, like kiddie fiddlers, rapists, murders and small time fuck heads, these guys were nothing, not against me and especially not against a juiced up to the max version of me. So now, there’s only a handful of them left, and Kildone is one of them, I’m saving him for last, and he knows it, because this time, when I have him, he ain’t coming back, that, I’ll make sure of.



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