Day 139 – Parramore – YouChallenge Short Story

“It’s not about the money,” he says as he looks into the man’s eyes.

“Bullshit, it’s always about money, everything is!” The big brute says as he pulls the hammer back and drives it down onto his hand, shattering two of his fingers. He clenches his teeth, refusing to give his tormentor satisfaction. He drives the hammer down again onto the two remaining fingers, but he still refuses to scream, even as he twists the hammers head over his pulverised fingers. Saliva drips from his mouth, mixed with blood, and he stares into his eyes, with nothing but hate.

“Fucking think you’re a big man don’t you? Think you’ve got the cohunes to do the job? I can see it in your dim witted eyes, you’re nothing more than a frightened little boy who likes to pull wings off flies because he’s afraid of them,” he says through gritted teeth. The brute backhands him across the face and he laughs as he spits a mouthful of blood to the floor. “Exactly what I thought.” He goes to swing another devastating punch but a woman’s voice breaks the tension.

“Stop Salvador, can’t you see he’s goading you into it, stay your hand my love, and let me see what Mister Parramore has to tell us,” she says as she walks from the back of the room, holding the golden box.

He laughs as he looks through his one good eyes at her and winks at Salvador, “She’s hot for me,” he says, Salvador drives another horrible left across his face and screams in anger, mixed with frustration.

“Fuck you little man, one more excuse, just one more and I’ll send you on your fucking way to the grave!”

“Salvador!” She screams.

He turns to her in a fit of rage and snarls, “Fuck him, he’s nothing but a piece of shit, just another hired gun for Watkins, let’s just end him and get the hell out of here!”

“No, he’s not like the rest, I know he knows something, don’t you?” She says as she places the box on a small table in front of him. “What power does this hold, and why does Watkins want it?”

“I never said I work for that piece of trash Watkins, I work for the owner of the box, and he wants it back!”

“Back?” She says as she laughs. “Mister Parramore, this box has been floating around for centuries, from collector to collector, each paying a higher price than the last, there is no true owner.”

“Shows how much you really know Angela, the box is part of a group of items that’s were used to breach the infinite realities, when combined with the ring of Razmats it activates and opens a doorway to the land of the Gods.”

“You lie?”

“I’m not lying, you can see for yourself, there’s a chain around my neck, that’s Razmats ring,” she stands there and looks at Salvador who charges at him and pulls the chain free. “Easy there tiger I was offering it to you, now all you have to do is place the chain in the small crevice in the center of the box and you’ll see I’m telling the truth,” he says. She snatches the chain and gently begins lowering it into the center of the box, suddenly the chain turns into a liquid and Parramore begins reciting words, ancient words that have no counterparts in the English language, and the room is engulfed in a pulse of bright green light, then, darkness. She looks at Salvador who gives her a confused look back and she looks towards Parramore.

“Fuck, the lying piece of shit escaped!” She screams as she looks at the empty chair.

“I need not escape,” a deep, gravely voice says from the darkness as the shadows begin to come together into the form of a gigantic figure. “For I am home,” it screams as it tears into the two.



The challenge was, ‘a collector after a piece.’

38 thoughts on “Day 139 – Parramore – YouChallenge Short Story

    1. Thanks so much, I like getting to where you always want to get to, and within that moment you can learn all you need to know, with your own imagination filling in all the missing pieces of the puzzle. Thanks so much for reading.

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      1. I get ya and as a writer you do a really good job filling in the gaps without giving much away and leaving the rest to the reader and i love the format..I honestly think you blog is one of my faves around..I just lvoe the writting and how different every piece you write is..keep up the good work..

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      2. Thanks so much, I really enjoy playing with different ideas, growing the seeds with the 50 word stories is quite fun, I really don’t know where any of them are going to go. It’s really challenging, especially when I deliberately force the story in a different direction than the shirt wants it to go. There’s still a lot on your blog I’ve got to get to, the newer stuff is always the easiest to read because they’re at the top, but I’ve seen some further down I want to get to.


      3. oooohhh i do love it when it goes in a totally difefrent direction…im so bad with twists but i do try..and thanks,I mean you do not have to read all of it obviously just your support already means a lot..a lot of my writting is hit and miss but I do enjoy it and learn as i go with it..


      4. The best twists are the ones you don’t see coming yourself, I love those ones. Trust me, I’m my biggest critic as well, I feel I miss the boat on quite a few, but, I get some of the best feedback on those, the reader never has what the writer has in their head so they don’t see all the strings, they just see the story for what it is.


      5. Bobby Joe feels the warm, thick, sticky liquid spray onto his face, he frantically closes his eyes in desperation, but the stinging sensation lets him know he was too late. It’s then he notices the silence, and slowly opens one eyes… What happens next? Challenge the way you write everyday 👍


      6. ok…im tempted to take it to so many places but i will keep it fairly safe..uhmmm..Bobby Joe now knew,that his rabbit was gone. As a vet in training he tried everything to save little creature’s life but the heart gave out. He shouldn’t have tried but he wanted to make sure everything that could have been done,was done. With the overpowering sadness of loss,a new feeling arose. The warm,sticky blood on his face,awoke an animal inside and little did Bobby know,that this would be the start of something more sinister and gory than just a bunny rabbit…

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      7. It allows your mind to run, unrestricted, it’s the fun part I find with doing the short 50 word stories and then letting what could be take shape. It makes you challenge yourself, fitting a moment into 50 words makes you take more notice, especially of speech, the I am become I’m, the should have becomes should’ve the they had becomes they’d. Speech changes they way you see the words, and it manipulates everything you write, so the reader connects more because it sounds real in your head. Try the 50 word experience and then, try building it, for me, it really helps the depth I think.


      8. I look forward to see what you come up with, it’s a bastard of a thing at first, but once you work it out, it flows so easy. And then the true fun takes place when you try to build something around it 👍


      9. You did that, I just let my mind run with what you put in place. I’d love to see what you could make of it, expand upon the idea and what you have, build it into a really dark, bitter story, of the depths someone will go to bring their pet back from the dead.


      10. well we could take it to so many might be justa kid poking a toy filled with sticky stuff and it pops and hes sad..maybe it’s a syco who starts with animals,maybe he wants to bring the wife back and this is the beginning or maybe he is an evil scientist constructing a minion from a dead animal..i cant evenXD

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      11. Get those down, flesh them out, see how many stories you can spawn from one idea, you could make it a Halloween piece on your blog 👍 I’d be happy to have a crack at an idea or two I’ve got running around in my head for it, we could do an anthology of madness.


      12. Sometimes it’s a pain, because you just have this brilliant idea and no time to do anything about it, which is why this blog is great, write, minor edit, post and, it’s gone from my head 🙂


      13. If I go with it, this is a quick Idea I have… Bobby Joe stares at the blood that covers his hands, almost, as if he was watching from some faraway place. Sammy had been more than just a pet, he’d been family, he’d been everything, since Jemma left anyway, maybe, before that. Wasn’t he one of the reasons why she left? Of course, it was a long list of reasons, but he was part of it. He looks over at the blood drenched sheet, letting out a cold shiver, was this the right thing to do? Should he really be playing god? It’s not what he studied for, he wanted to help people, save lives, not, not this. But, if he could cure death, wouldn’t that be greater? He stood there, watching, as the water washed the blood down the sink, rushing over his hands, it hit suddenly, he felt his insides turn, and added the contents of his stomach to the sinks mix. As he wiped his mouth on his jacket’s sleeve he knew, he’d always known what he had to do, as his mind assured him this was right. He turned to the sheet again and swallowed, it definitely didn’t taste as good the second time, he allowed himself to laugh at that though. How long had it been since he’d laughed, he began to wonder, weeks? Months? He almost couldn’t remember what his laugh sounded like, was this really his life? Was this what he had really become? He shook his head in frustration and grabbed the corner of the sheet and pulled it back. His eyes moved obsessively, frantically, over the body, the intricate stitches, the slices, the skill, he felt proud of himself…


      14. Sadly it’s not a full time thing, it’s a passion, one that I’m working my way towards one day, maybe, but for now, it’s fun, setting myself insane targets and trying to make them happen. You only know if you can’t do something if you try, so I just keep trying.


      15. hear hear..I just think you doing a really good job..I do wish you all the best,I would read more..just keep going with your blog for now at leastXD..good things take time and it’s only matter of time i know it..

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      16. Thanks, I enjoy the blog, it’s my purging, allowing me to like you, refine my skills, better myself, and, put it to use somewhere one day, other than a blog, but, while I’m enjoying it, I’ll keep doing it 🙂


      17. I think the way I write for this blog allows less interference as well, sometimes over editing something destroys the true story. Just bashing it out, running though it quickly and posting it keeps the raw feel. The heart of the story intact, well that’s what I hope anyway 👍


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